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I Watched You Sleep

Written for: Kandy Land Jezebel

This is not really a poem, and I didn't write it today. It just seemed to reach out to me when I found it... let me know what you think.

I watched you sleep.
The slow rising and falling of your chest drew me closer.
You move enough to make me think you've awaken… You haven't.
I see the peacefulness on your face and wonder what you're dreaming.
It doesn't matter… you're at peace… That's what matters to me.
What I wouldn't give to spend an eternity with you… but this is an eternity.
I love you even more now… but I still can't bear to say it to your face.
I watched you sleep.

I'm sitting in class, but I can't shake tha sight.
I keep telling myself that if I can see you again, or hear your voice, it will ease my thoughts.
I know, though, that it will only start them going even faster.
I crave peace… but I love the insanity I'm in.
More importantly, I love you.

When I got the courage to wake you, it broke me.
You were at peace and I had to bring you back.
You weren't mad or upset.
We sat listening to the radio and I knew that you didn't want to go inside… You weren't the only one.
I wished I had stopped somewhere where we could be together and not worry about the next step.
I had you…. And lost you in an instant.
We'll see each other again, but it won't be the same.

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