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Love 12/2/2002

By: Lovely

Love has no eyes

yet it has the power to blind you

unexpectant and by suprize

allows u to look past the bad and see nothing but good that lies inside

Love hasnt a color

not black. nor white

Hearing the sound of love

the beating of a heart..

both must strive to keep it from fallin apart

The touch of love..

like the soft breeze comforts you when in need...

It can teach you things you never knew

Love is neither

false nor fiction

yet its all very true

it even Lifts you when you are sad,down, or blue

Love can always find you

it helps to keep the heart at that constant pound

Whenever you are in need of a little love in your life....

NO need to look for it

always close...

always near...

inside your very own heart.... my dear

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