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Life Matters

Darkness, then light.
Quiet, then sound.
Empty space now
Filled with life.

The torments of difference,
The world caught in a
Never-ending tango,
Bound to change.

Bodies fly in, and out
Of existence. Life is
Of no consequence.
What you make of it

No matter how the
Moment takes place,
It is always there,
Bound by the
Determination to
Do good for others.

Light, then darkness,
Sound, then nothing,
Once filled with life,
Now is empty of breath.

The strain ends,
Left with a sense
Of no fulfillment.

Life has changed
By this moment,
Even though we,
So simple, don't
See it.

One life,
How small itis,
Makes a difference.
In the blink of an eye,
Everything can happen.

No more is life,
No more is death,
No more is light,
No more is dark,
No more is sound,
No more is quiet.

There is only you,
Nothing else.
The world ends,
Leaving you here,
Now, and always.

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