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OK... So you're here. Now What? That part's easy... or not... depends on your clicking skills. For those of you who have seen the old page, this one is set up a little different... The menu on the right, provided you have Java Script, should have a white "Main Page" link followed by some red text with triangles (,) next to it, then the "Links" link. (If you don't see only that, or see something different, your browser probably doesn't support CSS or JavaScript. I suggest checking your settings if that's the case, or even updating your browser. Internet Explorer, or Netscape, version 4 or higher should be fine. If you don't fix this problem, the rest of the page will look really weird...) With that overwith, if you click the triangles, the menu should expand to reveal more links. If you want it to shrink again, just click the triangle again. (If it doesn't work like that, see above, and if all else fails, drop me a line at