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Ja-Koi Japanese Bobtails


   Welcome to our Website! Ja-Koi is a small in-house cattery devoted to the Japanese Bobtail and specializing in Longhair Japanese Bobtails. Whether pet or show quality, the most important thing is that all our babies end up as someone's beloved pet. Therefore, genetic health & vitality, temperament (out-going purrsonalities) and true Bobtail "type" are very important to my breeding program.

   Ja-Koi is a registered TICA and CFA cattery located in a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois. All our Japanese Bobtails, whether an adult cat or a
kitten, are TICA or CFA registered and are sold with a contract stating that they must be kept indoors, and cannot be declawed. Please be advised that we do not sell "breeder" cats or kittens. Since Japanese Bobtails seem to do best with a "friend," discounts are available on the purchase of a second Japanese Bobtail.

PLEASE NOTE: I am retiring from breeding. It is August of 2016 and my last litters are now on the ground. I have accomplished what I set out to do 22 years ago. One of my current show cats (KUSO) has a Japanese name which, loosely translated, means "promises made / promises kept." The male kitten I'm keeping is named "No Regrets" and his sister is "Sayonara." That pretty much says it all. I feel I have produced the most beautiful LH JBTs who were successful in the show ring, but more importantly, were and are fantastic companions to many. I kept my promises to people who worked with me, allowing me to share their cats (even if they did not). As far as my cats are concerned, I have no regrets. Ja-Koi is a highly respected producer of JBTs. And now it's time to say "Sayonara" / Good-bye.

Unfortunately, there are no kittens available. What I'm not keeping for myself will only go to close friends. Young adults will become available as they are spayed / neutered. Please watch our *RETIRED STARS* page for updates on young adults as they become available ... or since I'm not good with pictures, feel free to contact me via email at for information and pricing.

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