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                    What ICAPS is  "The History"

In the late 1980's the states were introducing scrapage programs to remove junk vehicles from the roadways , driveways, junkyards,& backyards . The government offered pollution credits to industries for implementing a voluntary vehicle scrapage program. The plan was  to trade  a number old vehicles scraped , for a number of pollution credits from the government.  This was done to take the pressure off of environmentally  polluting industries by showing that they were concerned about the environment.  The government assisted  this by passing legislation requiring vehicles older than a set year, to pass emissions tests. ( this is now required in larger cities today).There were even cash payments to owners who turned a car in for scrap !

Some of the legislation was met with opposition and was modified or dropped ,thanks to concerned hobbyists like  ICAPS . Some wasn't opposed and became law. 

This ICAPS Organization was formed in January 1991 In Effingham Illinois.It was the idea of a few good men who realize that if we don't speak up for our rights as automotive hobbyist's, we won't be heard. 

The Class pack , Crossroads Classics,Cahokia Rod & Custom ,Wolf Pack, & White Squirrel Cruisers  were the original organizing clubs .(ICAPS now has 12 member clubs).

 ICAPS was incorporated  by the State of Illinois as a corporation  March 18,1991.

The first officers were: President-Dave Bliss, Vice President-William Douglas, Secretary/Treasurer-Ronald Hopper.

The goal of ICAPS is: The preservation of older vehicles from the oppression of state & federal rules & regulations.

Some of our past projects have been working with scrapage laws, car show judging rules uniformity,& specialty vehicle license plates. We have made progress, but not at the rate that we expected. ICAPS officers have meet on several occasions  with the Illinois Director of the  Environmental Protection Agency , as well as state legislators & senators.

For many years the ICAPS name was associated with the regional MESS Calendar( Midwest Events Scheduling Seminar). The MESS Calendar was absorbed from the Class Pack Car Club of Neoga Illinois. 2000 was the last year for the  MESS Calendar . The introduction of the internet was the demise of the MESS calendar.

In 1993 ICAPS held there own car show in Hillsboro Illinois . The main  purpose was to introduce ICAPS to the public.  

The ICAPS logo was created by Connie Doan  of the White Squirrel Cruisers from Olney Illinois.

The estimated  ICAPS membership is currently (1000).Includes clubs & individuals.

ICAPS  corresponds with other hobbyist organizations throughout the nation to protect your hobby.








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