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Welcome to the Finnie Family Web Site


This is just a small family web site that tells you a little bit about us (Helen, Jim along with Ross and Ruth) and let's our family and friends around the world see what we are up to.

We moved to Cleveland, Ohio in the USA in July 1998 from Aberdeen in Scotland. Two years later we moved again to Naperville which is one of the western suburbs of Chicago.

This site will be pretty basic for a while as my job with SAIC entails quite lot of travel within the US which doesn't leave much time for updating this site.

Feel free to send us an email. Ross (16) and Ruth (13) would love to hear from kids in other parts of the world.

Well, I finally got round to fixing and updating this site and I will add to it regularly over the next few weeks - at least until I hit my Angelfire limit of 20MB.

I hope you enjoy looking through here and please feel free to leave some feedback.

The Family

The Family

The Family

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I just added the Hit Counter and with such a low page count it looks pretty sad right now!

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