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Music: As Time Goes By

Tafil Photos

From left to right: Walter Wapniarski and wife, Sophie Pyra Wichert (sister of Cecelia Grzymalski)  Jean Grzymalski Formella and her husband Frank Formella, Joe Grzymalski and his wife Cecelia Pyra Grzymalski.

Children of Alexandra Tafil Grzymala 



Alexander Tafil (Son Of Casimer and Magdalena Tafil)

during WWII




John Tafil (son of Casimir and Magdelena Tafil) and his wife Rose.




Sophie Tafil Sobecki and her husband, Michael Sobecki


            Sybil Tafil Rubini (wife of Sigmund

Tafil) and Stephen Barton circa 1920



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