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A-Litter Puppy Pictures

Eight out of Eleven A-litter pups have tested VJP

April vom Edelkrieger 10,10,10,11,10= (71)

April scored 168 HZP


Ace vom Edelkrieger 8,10,10,11,10,= (67)

Anja vom Edelkrieger 10,10,9,10,8=(67)

Adell vom Edelkrieger 9,10,9,10,10=(67)(HZP168) HD-frei

Ardrigh vom Edelkrieger 8,10,9,10,9,=(64)

Abel vom Edelkrieger 7,10,9,10,10=(63) HD-Frei

Axion vom Edelkrieger 8,8,8,10,8=(58)

Ariel vom Edelkrieger 10,10,6,7,5=(58)

Here's some pictures of the pups.

If you click the photos you can visit each pups page.

Here you can see their diversity

The first week

7 Males


4 females