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Hauntings occur for several reasons. The reason will determine the resulting style of haunting.


This is the most frequent kind of haunting. In this case the entity stays in one place. The restrictions are based on the reason for the haunting. Some spirits are helpful. They shut off lights and close doors. Others are less helpful, but not necessarily harmful.


This would be in the case of an event being the reason. Most often the event will replay itself on a specific date and time. The environment will not change, just the ghosts appearing. Example: A car hits a girl at 10:30 on March 2, 1952. A replay of that event where a ghost car hits a ghost girl at 10:30 every March 2 from then on until the event is righted or for some unknown reason. A classic for instance is the ghost burial train for Abraham Lincoln passing through Illinois down the railroad tracks on the anniversary of his death.

Retro cognition

This haunting is extremely rare. This would be where there is a designated area that becomes completely like the past. Like a reply haunting, an action or actions are replayed. The difference is the entire area with in the replay scene will change to the scene. If one looks out the window they might see 1950's style cars. The rooms will change to the way it was in 1950's The ghosts would be wearing cloths from the 1950's. It is extremely rare and the absolute least documented and talked about haunting there is.


This haunting would be if a ghost had information to pass on. Example: A family member dies and his spirit came back to tell the family where he hid his life savings.


This haunting would take place if a spirit needed to contact a human to right something. The act of righting would be the reason. Example: The murder of a man is unsolved. His ghost comes back and shows the owner of a home where to find evidence to right his death.


This haunting would be if a spirit haunted an object, such as a pocket watch. The reason may be unknown; possibilities are a curse of some sort. Example: If the pocket watch is removed from the spirits home the spirit acts out. Another reason may be something the spirit loved. Example: The spirit haunts his favorite chair and won't let anyone sit in it. Unlike most residual hauntings this one is subjective to movement via the movement of the object.


This haunting would be if there were a particular smell affiliated with the ghost. Example: The owner of the home is a non-smoker, yet whenever he feels a presence in the room, there is the distinct aroma of cigars.


In this case a human has made a threat in life and come through with it in death. Example: Tom is hung for a murder he did not commit. His last words are "The tree I hang from will bear no fruit" and it never does.



This is a touchy subject. Poltergeist is the German word for "noisy ghost". Its common characteristics include flying objects, random fires, slamming doors, loud footsteps, and other annoying phenomenon. However, it has little linkage to ghosts of any sort, and most times seems more bent on random chaos and pranks then having a definite purpose. In recent years a direct correlation between poltergeists and adolescents has been made. Psychokinetic energy, or PKE is the theoretical explanation for telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with your mind. Everyone has some levels of PKE; so it is not necessarily always a teen. Teenagers have a build up of subliminal PKE which is let out unintentionally, mostly during times of stress or sleep. This has a tendency to occur more with females then with males, but not necessarily. The subject never knows he/she is the reason for the occurrence and is just as afraid as everyone else in the house. There is no known cure for this aside from getting rid of the offending person


In all seriousness, if this is directed towards a person, or involuntary movement occurs. If the walls bleed or you hear voices from a person that is not theirs, you have a demon, NOT a poltergeist. A poltergeist is random release of PKE; a demon is an intelligent being. Seek IMMEDIATE help from a religious affiliate.