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Orbs are colored balls, or rather spheres. Although one has never been physically caught, we assume that they are energy based, and emit light, which is why they can be seen. Mostly seen on film, sometime seen by camcorders, rarely by the human eye, orbs are the most frequent supernatural phenomenon. Some have trails like comets; others are single balls of light.


Streams are like party streamers. Like orbs, streams are usually aren't there when the picture was taken. A possible explanation of streams is these are fast moving orbs and when a picture is taken we see their trail.


These are strips of color that appear on film. They are crescent or oval and mostly white in color.


Mist is just that. It is a supernatural fog that only appears on film and is never visible when the picture was taken.


By far the most rare, especially on film, an apparition is the visual fully body of a ghost. Sometimes as real as everyone else in the room, other times just the outline of a human figure. Almost always there is strong supernatural energy present.


Poltergeist is the German word for "noisy ghost" Typically knocking on walls, locking doors, turning on and off televisions, moving objects, ect. Sometimes just an overactive imagination can be blamed for this phenomenon. Poltergeist has most recently been attributed to PKE, or psychokinetic energy. PKE is the explanation for telekinesis, or moving objects with the mind. Most often there will be a teenage human in the house, and teenagers have been show to have high levels of PKE. The teenager, will all the hardships of being a teen and changes in the body, will subconsciously be the cause of the disturbance. It seems the body releases the PKE on its own. However in all seriousness, if your walls are bleeding or you hear voices this is most likely a demon.


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