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Roscoe is my name and
Fishing is my Game.

I`d like to Welcome all you Bass Anglers and
even you Land lovers to my first

My family and i would like to introduce
ourselves to you just for your entertainment.
So without any further ado here is
my two sons and myself.

Now that you`ve met the
men of my family here
are my two lovely

As you can tell we`re a
family who loves to fish..

On any given day
thru spring,summer or
fall you will most likely
find us relaxing on
our favorite fishing

I bet you`re wondering where a family
like this goes fishing..

Well if you`re from around the Northern parts
of Indiana and Illinois or planning
on visiting my neck of the woods
you just might run into me..

I`ll be the fisherman most excited
about catching a fish..

Check out my favorite fishing holes..

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If you have any comments
or questions please
drop me line..

If it`s not asking to much would
you please sign my Guestbook..
Thank You !

Happy Fishing

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