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Because we all lead such busy lives, we don't expect you to go through and check out our website every day to see what's new. So, this page is for updates and announcements for both this page and the message board.

August 17, 2003
New layout!!

New message board!: When posting, simply write in your name/screenname in the user name box and leave the password blank. You do NOT need to register or login or any of that. Thanks!

New poetry contest: In the effort to get you more involved, we are holding a poetry contest on our message board. Rules are posted both in announcments and in the poetry/quotes section. If you have any questions, ask us on the message board or e-mail us. Thanks!

To those who have previously submitted quotes or poems: we have moved them to the message board. Please tell us if, for any reason, you no longer want them posted.

Polls & Input: Between the message board and this new link, we give you the opportunity to interact w/ each other and us.

Articles: We have scanned AND typed each of the articles to give you the opportunity to see them either way. Check them out!

Photo Gallery: Between our own photos and those in the articles, we have created a photo gallery!!