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Credits Page


Creator and site operator: Darcy (RL)

Roger's Corner Founder: Darcy (RL)

Roger's Corner C0-Founders: Missinrog and Em

Fan Fic Writers: VTW, Em, DimWit, Jo and Kari

Message Board moderator: RL

Transcripts: Deb C. and RL

Round Robin Creator: "The Todd Chronicles"- Em

Week in review newsletter: RL and Missin'

Web Space: Angelfire

Message Board: Bravenet

Pictures: ABC, OLTL, Soap Opera Digest, Soaps in Depth...edited by...RL

Graphics and fonts: Paint Shop Pro

Stress Reliever: Paxil and Xanax!

Energy: pepsi and chocolate

Credit where credit is due: To everyone for helping make Manning Madness/Roger's Corner a great place to visit!

Last but not least: ROGER HOWARTH for the years of laughter and tears and fears. Without him, there would not be a Todd Manning!