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Entities of the Astral

Many people think that we are the only beings that exist, but they are wrong. Many religions believe that other beings exist whether it's in the physical realm, astral, or other outer realms and planes. I personally believe that we share existence with other beings whether some might see them as fairies, angels, demons, or outsiders. In my years of paganism I have encountered a few entities in my travels in the astral plane. Below is a list of entities plus some pagan lexicon about other beings.

Entity Lexicon

NOTE: The names above do not describe every type of being that lies within the astral. The names above describe a few of the many common types of beings known.

Entity Templates


The Succubus is a foul demon that feeds off the emotion of lust. Succubuses are said to have sex with mortal men while their victim is asleep. The succubus appears to be a stunningly beautiful woman, but their true form discerns many in the astral with their large and black bat-like wings. The male counterpart is called an Incubus.


The mancubus is a vile fiend and horrid in appearance. It appears as a tall and gaunt figure with long arms and legs that end in nasty talons. Its body is oily and black and they have massive black wings with red tints to it. Its head appears very mundane with deep red pinpoints for eyes. The mancubus originated its name from its merciless killing of astral travellers.


Shadows are spirits of ill-nature and their appearance shows it. A shadow appears as an inky human figure with gree glowing eyes and no known mouth. Shadows are the spirits of people who have died a tragic and horrible death (suicide, drug overdoses, etc.) and who have brought their depression over with them into the astral. Shadows are negative spirits who like attach themselves to prime astral travellers and feed off their negative emotions (hate, lust, deceit, etc.) and use it to fuel themselves. When an astral traveller wakes into the prime realm the shadow lingers in their sub-conscious whispering negativity into their minds and making the person's life horrible. There are ways to rid of a shadow, but it's very tricky and one must know what the shadow's desire is.

Spirit guides

A spirit guide is a celestial entity that helps an astral traveller from the prime realm get around the astral and show them the ropes. Spirit guides are your astral friends and guardians. Spirit guides appear anyway, but they share the same emotional alignment as you (positivity, chaos, or negativity). Spirit guides come from all forms of astral and take appearance from which they came (EXAMPLE: Positive spirit guides usually appear as angels, negative spirit guides usually appear as imps, and chaos spirit guides usually change their appearance erratically). It is quite possible for one astral traveller from the prime to acquire mutiple guides and of different origin.


Wraiths are the spirits of people who have died and hunger for the lifeforce of other beings to substain their own. A wraith appears like a human, but with blackened features much like a silhouette. A wraith attacks beings by draining their life energy out of them and fueling themselves with it. Also the term "wraith" has been used to describe a spirit.

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