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I Am Grasshopper, And I Desire To Snatch The Pebble! I Will Be Your Humble Host...

Caricature done by Paul Merklein - visit his site!

Born on November 29, 1955, I live outside Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois. I have played guitar for 30+ years, and I feel I have learned a lot, yet have a lot to learn.

I have a beautiful, newly refurbished 1965 Daphne Blue Fender Stratocaster, string gauge ranging from 11-49, tuned to D sharp for those real special Jimi moments. Pete Flynn at Flynn Guitars did a fantastic job refretting this vintage guitar and bringing it back to life after years and years of neglect and disuse.

My other baby is a hybrid, a '66 Tele neck on a '67 Strat body, flashed out with a gold anodized pick-guard, gold screws, a brass bridge and Tremmie handle, just a sweet piece of wood, the Tele neck allowing for more thumb-wrap-around, an essential if you want to match Jimi's style...This one has the same tuning and gauge strings as the Stratocaster, with a maple neck... Practice is through a pair of 15-Watt Fender Blues Junior Amps.

I also have a 1980 JMP 50-Watt Marshall Stack, modified at Flynn Guitars, Fender Rad amplifier, a Twin Reverb amp, and a 10-Watt Marshall practice amp for playing in dressing rooms, etc.

I have the guitar plugged into a Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz, then into a Mayer Vision-Wah, then into a Roger Mayer 30th Anniversary Octavia (signed by Mayer!), then into a Roger Mayer Voodoo-Bass overdrive, then into a Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe...I've got the stereo "outs" going into the two Fender Blues Junior 15-Watts...With twelve feet of separation the effect is stunning, to say the least...You are literally in the centre of the colours that Jimi first visualized in those halcyon days of 60's psychedelia...Mayer is *the* Man among electronic visionaries, and this device is worth it's weight for anyone seeking the pebble...