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Beat The Heat, Inc. - Illinois Chapter

Beat The Heat, Inc. - Illinois Chapter

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Illinois Chapter Website
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The Ilinois Beat The Heat Racing Team is a member of "BEAT THE HEAT, INC." The Corporation Goals are:

To help EDUCATE the young people of our communities about the real problems of illegal drug and alcohol use, To EDUCATE everyone to the horrors of alcohol or drug impaired driving, To PROMOTE a better understanding between the POLICE and the COMMUNITY they serve and, To EDUCATE the general public about DRAG RACING and encourage everyone to not race in the street.

"C.O.P.S. Racing for Education"

New "2014" News & Information Coming Soon!

There are a lot of "new" things happening in the coming year. We will keep this site updated as events are added. Just a reminder that if you would like Illinois Beat the Heat to attend your event, please let us know. We will check our schedules and make arrangements to attend (Dates and Weather permitting).

We will be adding many more events as the season gets rolling, so please visit the events schedule page for the latest dates. If there is an event that you'd like us to attend,please call the Illinois Beat The Heat Office at (630-554-6294) or e-mail us at so we can make arrangements. Keep in mind that we do this on our free time so please give us some advance notice of your event!

Stay tuned to this page for more new information on upcoming events and activities. As always I want to thank Jack Benton for the outstanding work he does on this web-site, I must say it is the best looking site on the web. Jack can be reached at the email address listed below.

"The 2007 Illinois Beat The Heat Team!"

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