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Hands To Help The Homeless
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If your here.. Chances some one invited you here. We're a group of people that wants to help the homeless. And we offer each other ideas on how to do this. Some of us has dreams of things that will help the homeless. And we hope to make some of those dreams come true as we help the homeless.

We would like you to know that we will be looking for leaders in each state to help us gather new members. And hope that thoses leaders get to know there members in the state. We hope to help the homeless as well as become a strong influnce in each others lifes. We hope to have picknics and gatherings of our members. And in time we will be adding on to this page. So come here often as a member to see what is going on. As well as getting our news letters. This web Ring will be as you would want it to be. So please send us your ideas.. So if you email us with the info asked for below we will be talking to you.

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