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    can be found on the French side. We had no occasion to use any during our most recent stay on SXM from Nov 22 to Dec 09, 2010 but noted that the exchanges sold 1 EUR (€) for about $1.30-1.34 during those 18 days. Most of the French side restaurants had menu prices posted at $1.35 = 1.00€, a couple at 1€ for $1.30 and several (including the lolos in Grand Case) at 1€ for $1 if you paid with cash or TC. So, if we were planning to go out to a somewhat fancy dinner on the French side we would take at least $100 cash with us. We arrived on Nov 22 with 645.35€ in our pockets and left on Dec 09 with 35.85€ which we plan to save for our next SXM vacation in Nov/Dec 2010. We spent the 29€ on picture postcards, stamps, baguettes and croissants. The U.S. dollar reigns on the "Dutch" side. The greenback is the unofficial currency of Sint Maarten. You will be hard pressed to find a vendor on the "Dutch" side who will accept the euro for payment. Use
    The Universal Currency Converter Services to calculate your exchange rate:

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    can be found on the French and on the "Dutch" side of the island. Avid gamblers in need of some cash will always find an ATM by a casino on the Dutch side. We had no need to use an ATM during our most recent stay on SXM, Nov 26-Dec 13, 2009. On Feb 07, 2002 Neil Rooney posted this "complete" list of
    ATMs on the TTOL forum.

    The Euro: €
    The French franc was replaced by the
    Euro (EUR or €) on Jan 01, 2002.

    the proper amount can be a real bag of tricks. On the French side (St. Martin) a 15% service charge is already part of your bill (l'addition) when it's presented to you, i.e. the prices listed on the menu include it. This European practice is prescribed by French law and not just a custom. You may, of course, add to this "automatic gratuity" based on the service you received. Most establishments are "kind enough" to leave a line or room on your USD credit card charge chit to write in an additional tip. Cab fares quoted by the driver don't include the customary 10% tip.

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