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Matthew Sweet Demos

<b>Matthew Sweet Demos</b>

1983: Community Trolls
Six Stock Answers
My Roof Your Roof
Tainted Obligation

Matthew Sweet with Michael Stipe

Girlfriend demos

Girlfriend demos
destroy the truth
when it comes to you
just about nothing
tinfoil flower
my love knows
rock singer
keep you in the middle
part of me
put your head between your knees
my only vioce
you gotta love me
her mother's name
silent city
living is killing me but I'm free
when you have to go
never thought we'd make it
teenage female
your sweet voice
I can't cry
divine intervention
I've been waiting
warm yourself
I wanted to tell you
long way to go
longest hour
day for night
looking at the sun
you don't love me
how am I gonna know
holy war

pre-Girlfriend era demos
wheatgerm and honey
king of the world
won't be denied
all I want
you can talk me down
never get out of here
nothing to do with it
terrible dream
you're so young
I don't know anything
a man unknown
stupid rock song
hollywood hills

Altered Beast demos

speed of light
dinosaur act
devil with the green eyes
reaching out
do it again
in too deep
bovine connection
time capsule
born in sin
finding out
fantasy world
you're mean
something's got to give
cobra girls
the ugly truth
open eyes
idiot child
so blue
weekend outlaw
what do you know?
the end
trace of love

100% Fun demos, summer 1994

sense of adventure
not when I need it
both ways
never said goodbye
bitter pill
come to love
I almost forgot
you make me feel like a pro
sinking feeling
we're the same
lost my mind
everything changes
breaks my heart
you're gonna lose
she's a breeder
feeling my way
speed racer

Blue Sky on Mars demos

come to California
vicious circle
played out
final hour
strange faces
behind the smile
so sad
if it's happenning you'll know it
bold moves

In Reverse demos
(Song titles with stars were contenders for "In Reverse").

Oct '97
1. Burnt Orange Sunset *
this sounds similar to "smog moon"
2. Think Of The Love *
3. Slow Down
4. Look Listen Vibrate Smile
5. Bringdown
6. Past Tense
7. Blue Water Ride *
8. Bound On A Wheel
9. I Can't Help
10. Something Wilder
11. Been Too Long
12. Next Time To Fall
13. Glued On You
14. Even From My Eyes *
15. Future Shock *
16. Evil Part
17. Time Meant Nothing
18. What Do I Do
19. The Heart Remembers
20. Millions
21. Pussy And A Punk
22. Spinning My Wheels
23. Star In The Role

Nov '97
1. Why Do I Keep Believing
2. Sunset *
3. Crisis In My Life
4. Don't Know What You're Doing
5. It Can't Be Wrong
6. One Way
7. Jealous Of You *
8. I Know You Will
9. Going To A Place *
10. Bring My Love Around
11. On My Side
12. If I Love You
13. Every Vampire Goes Insane
14. Faith In You *
15. Love Isn't Easy
16. For A Kiss
17. Made For You
18. No Friend Understands
19. I'll Believe The Lies
20. How Lucky You Are
21. So Much Pain, So Little Time
22. Love Without God
23. I Understand
24. Methane Lady
25. Blood Runs Cold
26. Haunted
27. Gold Vein
28. Get Ready
29. Squirrel (Inst.)

Dec '97
1. Worse To Live *
2. Not Enough Love
3. If Time Permits *
4. I Should Never Have Let You Know *
5. You Were Always Alone
6. Appleseed *
7. Find Out
8. Personal God
9. Getting Ready For You
10. Present Future
11. Beyond The Past

Feb '98
1. Will You Run? *
2. Energy Inside *
3. Timeless
4. Fade From Real
5. Honey
6. First Try
7. Can't Make You

Oddsnsods April '98
1. Farther Down
2. Live With The Love
3. 24/7
4. I Didn't Know
5. Feeling A Lot Like You

May- June '98 1
1. Love Can't Do Anything
2. Untitled *
3. Early Morning *
4. Just Couldn't Make It
5. Day In The Sun *
6. Never Be Afraid To Die *
7. Begin To Care
8. The Two Extremes
9. Creatures *
10. Yes (Hole In The Clouds) *
11. Harder To Try
12. Your Dreams Of Mine
13. Same Mistakes
14. Losing Contact
15. Five Letter Word

May- June '98 2
1. How Can You Leave Me
2. Beware My Love *
3. Nothing Like You *
4. Doesn't Move Me *
5. Goodbye Not Forever
6. Heart Music
7. Going Away
8. Little Children
9. Fall Out Get Back
10. If You Loved Life
11. Even To You
12. Today's Homes
13. Sleeper
14. Night Takes Away
15. At The Bottom
16. Take Chances
17. Stopping The Sound

May- June '98 3
1. What's Inside You *
2. Obsession Of Mine
3. Beautiful Thing *
4. Thunderstorm *
5. The Perfect Line
6. You're Changing
7. Messed Up
8. Universes *
9. People My Age
10. Two Different Things
11. Trade Places *
12. So Come On
13. Put It Off
14. Pale Blue Dot
15. Nature's Design
16. Beginner's Mind 1
17. Beginner's Mind 2
18.Unfinished Riff
19. Bit Idea
20. Reach The Stars

Sept '98
1. Hide *
2. Write Your Own Song *
3. No Real Substitute
4. Silent Running
5. Sad Eyes
6. Deep In The Heart
7. Highs And Lows
8. Wouldn't Be Me
9. I Want To Live
10. Famous Friends

Jan '99
1. What Matters *
2. Split Personality *
3. Send A Message *
4. Be Free *
5. Don't Lie *
6. Just About Ready
7. Free And Easy

March '99
1. Millenium Blues *
2. Information *
3. Something Isn't Right
4. You Want To Know *
5. Nothing
6. Black Lipstick

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