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The Matthew Sweet Set List Database

Matthew Sweet - Demos
Matthew Sweet - Live shows - 1983-1991
Matthew Sweet - Live shows - 1992
Matthew Sweet - Live shows - 1993-1994
Matthew Sweet - Live shows 1995-1996
Matthew Sweet - Live shows 1997-1998
Matthew Sweet - Live shows 1999-2000
Matthew Sweet - Live shows 2001-2002
The Thorns - Live shows 2003
Matthew Sweet- Live shows 2004
Matthew Sweet - Sid N Susie
Matthew Sweet - Sunshine Lies Tour - 2008

please be patient, this site is almost finished. please email us with any information on shows that we dont have listed. thank you to everyone that has sent me setlist information and more.

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Scott Byron and Anita Sharifi for their invaluable help with this project, this site would be quite boring if it was not for your input, thank you for bringing to light set lists for rare songs and for personal insights into the shows.

This site is for information and research into recordings that might exist for Matthew Sweet. It is not a solicitation for buying, selling, or trading any of these shows that might be out on bootleg CDs. Furthermore, I have absolutely no idea where these recordings might be found. Happy Hunting!