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Recent Results

show #5
The OWA commissioner started the show by announcing that Outrage and Damage are barred from the building for the OWA title match between Champ Cinder and Ravage later tonight.MS. BABCOCK then made her way to the ring with her men,Hammerjack,Brother Hood,and Jawz and told the commish to get lost because she "had something to say that was actually important".She went on to challenge anyone in the OWA to face her man Jawz in a Shark Tank Match.Suddenly,the chainsaw weilding Lady Leatherface ran into the ring and chased Babcock and her Boyz away with the saw.
-SAKI LIGER pinned Tigre Blanco in a high flying bout.
-The match between Vagabond and Thirteen was called off when Rev.Wynn and The Brotherhood of Man came to ringside to observe.Thirteen flipped out and began babbling about "the coming of the dark ones" before hopping the barrier and leaving through the crowd.
-BABYLON beat Outrage with TITAN SQUEEZE.
-DORADO KID easily beat one half of the tag champs Dragoon, then grabbed the mic and challenged Bishop Prime to hold up his end and do the same to Grunt on the next show.
-TEIRZ beat Tenzan Tanaka in a Titan Death Match.
-RAVAGE beat Cinder to become the new OWA champ when indy Gladiator star BREAKER interferred as Cinder had the match won,causing Cinder to be distracted and RAVAGE to get the win.RAVAGE and BREAKER went on to double team Cinder, until Babylon came in to even up the sides.This brought in Outrage and Damage to make it 4 on 2 until Utilla and an unknown Galedron warrior came out to even up the sides and fight off the Gladiator faction.

show #6
Cinder began the show in the ring with Utilla,Babylon,and the Galedron warrior.He said if the Aethrans want a war,they've got one.He said he now realizes not even he can fight a war alone, but fortunatly the OWA was full of guys ready to kick Aethran butt.He went on to announce the formation of the Anti-Aethran Coalition(AAC),featuring himself,Utilla,Babylon,and newcomer Tyr,a Galedron whose noble warrior clan is directly opposed to the Aethran way of life.
-JAWZ and BROTHER HOOD beat the Islanders,Papa Rasta and Junior Snuka when JAWZ pinned Rasta after an illeagal move.They went on to brutalize the Islanders with a chair afterwards.A bloodied and angry Rasta got up after the bout and officially accepted Babcock's offer to fight JAWZ in a Shark Tank Match.
-BISHOP PRIME won a brutal contest over Grunt.After, Dorado mocked him for letting Grunt bloody his nose.This caused a heated argument between the two that had to be broken up by officials.The two eventually left together as a team,however.
-DARWIN DOEMAYE,still sick from radiation in the previous match with the i-People, managed to pin i-Man.
-Before the EMW title match,a vid screen in the arena cut to a scene in the locker room of Crimson Cross,where Chris Chandler was brutalizing the champ with the EMW belt.He then dragged Cross out to the arena for his match with KGB.
-KGB won by DQ over Crimson Cross when Chris Chandler interferred to break the COMMUNIST CLUTCH.Chandler then took the mic and said if anyone was going to beat Cross for the belt,it would be him.
-Cinder,Babylon,and Tyr went to a wild double DQ with Ravage,Damage, and Breaker as the result of an uncontrollable team brawl on the arena floor to end a violent match.
Show #7
The show started with Reverend Wynn in the ring with his Brotherhood. Wynn called out the OWA's "lost soul" Teirz. When Teirz showed up Wynn offered him a chance to belong "to a family", a chance "for his life to mean something",a chance to join the Brotherhood. After hesitating and wrestling with the decision in his mind, Teirz accepted. Wynn devilishly smiled and welcomed him to hte cause.
- Nytro won by disqualification over Velvet when Velvet's slave Manhoe stopped Nytro from executing the 450 SPLASH. After the bout Velvet got into an argument with flamboyant ICOF star Rapture, who was watching the show from ringside.
-The BRIKLAYERS beat Perish and Hazard when GRANITE pinned Perish.
-VAGABOND beat Thirteen.
-STALINGRAD pinned Hammerjack. After the match Papa Rasta showed up and beat Hammerjack mercilessly with a steel chair.
- DAMAGE beat Utilla after TOTAL DAMAGE.
Show #8
-CHRIS CHANDLER pinned Junior Snuka.
- Velvet came to the ring dragging Manhoe on a leash and proceeded to insult and berate the "ICOF Velvet wannabe Rapture". Rapture stormed to the ring and told the "Whiny bit@c" to put up or shut up because "Rapture is the most beautiful thing in wrestling". Velvet said he wouldn't dirty his hands on Rapture and threw Manhoe in front of him.
- In an impromptu match, RAPTURE pinned Manhoe, turned to Velvet and declared,"You're next, b!!ch!". Velvet proceeded to beat Manhoe with a whip for the loss.
- KRON pinned Kudo after the CRUCIFIX BREAKER to continue his path of destruction throught the OWA.
COMBAT KILLERS beat Bishop Prime and Dorado Kid to hold onto the tag belts. The Killers were led to the ring by a mysterious cloaked figure who, when approached, would only reveal himself as the Dark One, the man who brought The Killers and KGB here "for his on reasons".
-BREAKER narrowly defeated Tyr with the BREAKDOWN.
Show #9
JAWZ destroyed Aaron Flash.
- NYTRO pinned Tigre Blanco.
-Rapture came to the ring with his ICOF tag partner, the no nonsense Angelheart and called on Velvet to come out and bring his big slave with him. He told Velvet he has "a real man", to which Angelheart responded by telling Rapture to "leave him out of all of that sissy inuendo and just wrestle" and if they wanted to get beat down, Velvet and the Ho should get in the ring and do it. Velvet shoved Manhoe into the ring and the match was on.
- ANGELHEART and RAPTURE defeated Velvet and Manhoe because Velvet wouldn't tag in to face his opponents.
- The i-PEOPLE beat the Doemayes by disqualification in mixed tag action when a strike force of intergalactic soldiers appeared from a portal and aprehended the i People, dragging them with them through the portal. At the same time the Brotherhood hit the ring and savagely attacked the Doemayes, causing them to be stretchered out. Tenzan hit the ring and attacked Teriz to start the main event.
-TEIRZ beat Tenzan Tanaka in a Titan Death Match.
Show #10
- CHRIS CHANDLER beat Shaka Zulu when Crimson Cross came out to help a stunned and confused CHANDLER. Then Cross grabbed the mic and said that was payback for him interferring in Cross's match and that he wanted Chandler healthy so there's be no excuses when Cross kicked his a@@ in the middle of the ring.
- STONEWALL and GRANITE beat Perish and Hazard when Perish fell to the COMPACT CRUSH.
- DARWIN DOEMAYE came to ringside and demanded to know the reason for the brutal attack on he and his wife. Reverend Wynn then entered the arena with Purgatory and said if he wanted the answers he'd get them,but only if he accepts Rev's challenge. Wynn challenged Doemaye to run the gauntlet and defeat all three of his men in one on one matches. If he oes win all three, he'll get the answers. If he loses he joins the Brotherhood. Doemaye accepted and Purgatory headed to the ring.
-DARWIN DOEMAYE pinned Purgatory when Wynn's interference backfired.
- DIAGO pinned Hyperion.
- Breaker and Tyr brawled to a double countout.
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