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Results Archive

(older results at bottom)


-COMBAT KILLERS beat the flying duo of Saki Liger and Nytro.
-THE BRIKLAYERS defeated Damage and Outrage by disqualifacation.
-PARYLISIS beat Calypso Brazil and Snuka Jr. in a close contest.
-DORADO KID and BISHOP PRIME beat Teirz and Tenzan Tanaka when Teirz flipped out and attacked his partner,leaving him prey to an easy victory.
-COMBAT KILLERS beat the Briklayers.
-BISHOP AND DORADO beat Parylisis with HELLFIRE when the ref was distracted by Dorado and one half of Parylisis brawling on the floor.
-THE COMBAT KILLERS beat Bishop and Dorado in a wild brawl to become the first OWA tag champs.
-KGB,accompanied by the Ani-Man bear Stalingrad, beat Tigre Blanco.
-VELVET pinned Nytro and attempted to unmask him but wass topped by masked newcomer Saki Liger.
-THE I-MAN and I-WOMAN came into the match with Darwin and Elizabeth Doemaye glowing with radiation and easily defeated their enemies.
-CHRIS CHANDLER pinned Y2K in a loser leaves match.
-Ravage and Damage came out and berated champ Cinder,asking who he could possibly have as a partner and threatening to crush anyone he brings to the ring.Cinder in turn made his entrance and introduced his new partner,the massive Titan rookie Babylon.
-CINDER and BABYLON beat Ravage and Damage in a war of a match,but were attacked by the Aethrans' new partner,Fury's son and Aethran sympathized Outrage,after the bell.
-Newcomer Kron,with manager Reverend Wynn demolished Aaron Flash
-Bishop Prime and Dorado Kid brutalized and beat Y2K and Nytro.
-Calypso Brazil made a successful debut with a shocking upset over Damage when Cinder came out and distracted Damage,who was destryoying Brazil at the time,allowing Brazil a rollup pin for the win.
-Vagabond won by disqualifacation over Grunt as Reverend Wynn and his Brotherhood of Man watched from the aisle.
-Teirz beat Tenzan Tanaka after starting the match with a handshake,only to brutalize Tanaka with a chair during the match,then apoligizing and helping Tanaka to his feet after the match.


-Reverend Wynn has brought his Brotherhood of Man to the OWA,announcing his mission to unify the galaxy for the greater good.However,anyone who defies him or refuses to join hm will be "strenuously persuaded" to come to their senses by facing the brutal Brotherhood,massive Kron and Purgatory,the mysterious masked cyborg who some believe to be a rebuilt Deathmasque.
-There seems to be some vague connection between the Brotherhood and Vagabond.Wherever Reverend Wynn goes to preach his message of "unity",Vagabond is close behind.Their paths never seem to cross,but time will tell what the connection is.
-Bishop Prime and Dorado Kid are on a new mission of destruction,as felt by Y2K and Nytro.Instead of concentrating on beating an opponent,each man now is simply trying to one up the other on the level of brutality,resulting in misery for anyone who faces them.
-The i-People have challenged the Doemaye's to a mixed tag team match at the next show,promising a surprise they won't soon forget.
-NYTRO pinned Velvet in a high flying match.
-COMBAT KILLERS beat Bishop Prime and Dorado Kid,who showed little teamwork and appeared to have a minor argument afterwards.
-CRIMSON CROSS came out and agreed to defend his title against anyone man enough to face him,but only in a cage match.Chris Chandler arrogantly accepted.
-CRIMSON CROSS handily defeated Chris Chandler in a cage to keep the EMW title.
-CINDER won by disqualifacation over KGB to defend the OWA title when Ravage interferred and attacked Cinder.

Results of the tournament to crown the first OWA champion.

Round 1

Chris Chandler pinned Y2K,who destroyed Chandler's surfboard in a rage afterwards.
Cinder beat Dorado Kid by submission.
Damage won by dq over an out-of-control Teirz
Velvet pinned Nytro.
KGB put out Grunt with COMMUNIST CLUTCH.
Darwin Doemaye beat his blood enemy the i-Man.
Tenzan Tanaka pinned Dragoon.
Ravage won a hard fought bout over over Bishop Prime

Round 2

Cinder demolished Chris Chandler.
Damage won by countout over Velvet after pummelling him relentlessly.
KGB pinned Darwin Doemaye,who seemed to lose interest once i-Man was eliminated.
Ravage beat tenzan Tanaka.


Cinder pinned Damage,but was attacked and double teamed by Damage and Ravage afterwards.
Ravage beat KGB.


cinder overcame the odds to beat Ravage and win the OWA title.

Post tournament news

- Y2K vows to make "Chris-tal Chandelier" pay for costing him his shot at the gold.Chris,however, says he'll be the one making Y2K pay for breaking his surfboard,"in more ways than one".
- Fans don't know what to make of the enigma Darwin Doemaye.Darwin only agreed to enter the tournament to get at i-Man,and his stoic demeanor,as well as the fact that he's possessed by a demon,make him hard to warm up to,regardless of the nobility of his cause.
- Some people think KGB is crazy.After his surprising tournament showing others are beginning to think he's crazy like a fox and kows more than he's letting on.
- Nytro was insulted by Velvet's actions in their match saying Velvet,"attempted to assault his manhood and question his machismo".Velvet claims to be intrigued by the masked man and wants to find out firsthand why they call him "Nytro" and see what lies behind the mask.
- Crimson Cross refused to enter the tournament,claiming he already owned the premier title in the galaxy as the Earth/Mars champion.Furthermore,Cross has challenged anyone in the OWA to take his belt...if he lets them.
- Cinder will not rest at simply beating the wild Aethran's in the tournament.He insists he will teach them respect and get revenge for their brutal attack.Ravage welcomes the challenge of breaking Cinder's fighting spirit and showing him that an Aethran respects no man.