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Coco Savege

Remember the rule of the video game world I mentioned on the last page? How the challengers are supposed to get gradually tougher as you go until you get to the last guy? Well no one told Coco about the rules! Coco is hands down the toughest challenger on the game (so tough he doesn't even have to spell his name right!).

In fact, Coco was downright cheap. He'd knock you down with a running shoulder block and stand directly above you at an angle that meant 7 out of 10 times he would get the drop on you as you got up and knock you back down again. You're only hope was that he decide to throw you off the ropes so you could possibly have a chance of catching him with a body press on the rebound.

This was more often than not the outcome of a bout with Coco Savege for those who didn't know the secret to victory.

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