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weight:265 pounds

Kron is a traveler from a planet outside of our system.On his planet,Kron was a prince and next in line to be king,although he rejected the lifestyle associated with nobility.Kron's people have travelled the universe for eons,but few had ever returned to his world to report of their journeys.

One day one did return however,and told of stories of the fear and loathing others of his kind had generated throughout the universe.He told of dictators and counts who feasted on the life force of their subjects and who stalked their prey in the dark of night.How the name "Vampyre" was despised throughout the known universe.Kron was beside himself with anger.Not wanting his people to be portrayed in such a feared and negitive light,he refused his royal heritage and instead began a journey to vanquish all who would defile the Vampyre name and gain dignity for his people with the other races of the universe.

Kron's journey took him to the milky way galaxy,where the mystique of the Vampyre had taken it's darkest root.Upon docking on Deimos his destiny became clear.He learned that untold numbers of beings had witnessed an evil dictator known as Count Necros defile the vampyre name in compitition for the GWF.With his natural figthing ability he vowed to enter the ring and use this enormous public forum to restore dignity to his people's reputation and challenge Necros to face him if he should ever be brave enough to enter the ring agian.

In the ring Kron uses his peoples' natural force draining abilities to his advantage,but has sworn to do so only against the lowest common denominator of the squared circle.Therefor,Kron will only attempt the move against the "bad guys" of the GWF.His finisher is the CRUCIFIX BREAKER,a move where he picks up his opponent as if for a crucifix powerbomb(Outsider's EDge),then drops them into a neck breaker with devestating results.

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