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Jim Cornette

Distractor rating-7

Roll this card when you want Cornette to interfere in a match involving a wrestler he manages.When the opponent is thrown from the ring or leaves the ring,Cornetter may get involved.Roll two dice.

2-3 Cornette attempts to smash the opponent with his tennis racket,but the opponent grabs the racket and smashes Cornetter with it instead.Cornette's man comes out to help,but he is hit with the racket,too. The opponent throws Cornette's wrestler back in the ring and goes on the attack. OPPONENT ROLLS ON LEVEL 3 OFFENSE

4-6 Cornette hits the opponent over the back with the tennis racket.ROLL DISQUALIFACATION 4.If no disqualifacation,Cornette's wrestler comes out and throws the opponent back in.CORNETTE'S WRESTLER ROLLS ON LEVEL 3 OFFENSE

7-8 Roll on normal out of the ring chart.

9-10 Cornette tries to hit the opponent with the racket but is spotted by the referee.Cornette backs off and the opponent rolls back into the ring. CORNETTE'S WRESTLER ROLLS ON LEVEL 2 OFFENSE

11-12 Cornette whacks the opponent over the head with the loaded racket while his wrestler distracts the referee. ROLL DISQUALIFACATION 6.If no disqualifacation, the wrestler rolls helpelssly back into the ring.ADD ONE TO OPPONENT'S PIN. CORNETTE'S WRESTLER ROLLS ON LEVEL 3 OFFENSE.

Note: Cornette cannot use his distractor rating to avoid being disqualified when using this chart.