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Thantos vs. Bret "Hitman" hart

The bell sounds and Thantos wastes no time charging at Bret,who has his back turned stretching in the corner.Bret sees Thantos out of the corner of his eye and dodges at the last seond, sending Thantos crashing into the turnbuckles.Bret turns Thantos around and catches him with a forearm to the head and a series of punches to the jaw that rock the Evil Gamemaster.Bret goes to whip Thantos into the opposite set of buckles,but Thantos reverses,sending Bret hard into the buckles.Thantos charges,but Bret lifts a knee to the jaw of the oncoming opponent.

Thantos wheels around in pain and staggers to the center of the ring.A suplex by Hart sends Thantos crashing down to the mat.Bret follows up with a front elbow drop and Thantos grabs his jaw in pain and attempts to make his way over to the ropes to pull himself up.

As Thantos pulls himself to his feet,the relentless Hitman is already on him again.Another strong right to the jaw staggers Thantos.Bret whips him into the opposite ropes,but Thantos knocks him down with a powerful shoulder ram on the rebound.

Bret returns immediatly to his feet but Thanots rocks him with a knee lift to the midsection and a powerful right fist to the face.Thantos digs into the eyes of Bret as the referee administers the count to make him break.Thanots callously waits until the refs count reaches four to finish off his brutal eye rake.Bret grimmaces in pain and another knee lift,this one to the jaw, sends him to the mat.Thanots waits in the corner,stalkng Bret as he returns to his feet.Bret turns around and is leveled with a devestating running clothesline.Thantos goes for the cover.1..2..Bret kicks out as the crowd cheers.Thantos leaps to the second buckle and lashes out at the crowd,demanding silence and in turn recieveing a cavalcade of boos.

Bret begins to stagger to his feet,but Thantos grabs him by the hair and drags him to the ropes.he begins choking Bret over the second rope as the ref vehemently demands that he break the hold.Thantos again lets the refs count get to four before releasing the hold.The ref admonishes Thantos,who gives him an evil grin and tells him,"you're the boss,"before letting out a mocking laughter and again choking Bret's neck over the rope.Again the ref counts to four,and again Thantos breaks the illegal hold.

Thantos picks up Bret and turns him around,whips him into the opposite ropes and takes him down with a full power slam.He covers Bret again and Bret again kicks out at two.

Thantos,now firmly in control,climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives off,crashing down on the prone Hitman with a knee drop to the head.Thantos gets up and climbs the buckles yet again,stopping on the second buckle to taunt a fan in the front row.Thanots again flies off the ropes,but this time Bret rolls out of the way!Thanots crashes hard to the mat.Bret rolls over and covers Thantos for a pin as the crowd goes wild.1...2..Thantos kicks out.

Bret picks up Thantos and gives him a powerful side backbreaker,depositing him on the mat.He then ascends to the second buckle and dives off with an elbow smash that lands with pinpoint accuracy.Bret grabs both Thantos' legs and begins to apply the SHARPSHOOTER.Out of nowhere Executioner runs down the aisle and slides into the ring.Bret spots him and intercepts him with a series of rights to the jaw.Meanwhile,Thantos recovers and attempts to attack Bret from behind with an axehandle to the back.But Bret spins around and kicks him in the midsection.Bet grabs both men by the head and sends them crashing head first into one another.Executioner and Thantos both fall to the mat.Executioner rolls out of the ring and Bret covers Thantos.1...2...Thantos manages to raise a shoulder just before the three count.

Bret picks up Thantos and sets him on the top turnbuckle.Bret climbs to the second buckle in front of him and delivers a superplex.Thanots rolls out of the ring as the fans jump to their feet.

Bret goes to the outside to bring Thantos back in,but is grabbed again by Executioner.As the referee tries to get between Bret and Executioner,Thantos recovers and runs Bret's head into the ring post.The Hitman falls to the floor as Thantos is back in control.

Thantos tosses Bret back into the ring and goes for the kill.First delivering a double knee lift,then hitting a brutal Satanic Skull Smasher that sends e Hitman sprawling hellessly to the mat.Thantos drags Bret to his feet and measures him for a strong fist to the face.Bret reels back to one knee,but refuses to fall.Another fist sends Bret reeling to one knee again,but again,Bret will not fall.Bret fires back with a forearm smash.And then another,but a quick knee to the stomach squashes Bret's comeback.

Thantos whips Bret into the ropes and sets for a backdrop.But Bret stops short,grabs him,and executes a perfect piledriver.The fans are on their feet as both men lie in the center of the ring."Hitman,Hitman,"they chant in an attempt to rally Bret to his feet.As both men struggle to thier feet,Thantos is the quicker of the two.

Thantos is to his feet first as Bret gets up a half step later.Both men charge each other.Bret ducks a running clothesline and they both rebound off the ropes.Bret catches Thantos with a cross body press in the center of the ring on the return.1...2...Thantos kicks out.Thantos again rolls out of the ring,much to the frustration of Bret and the fans.

As Thantos seeks the council of Executioner,Bret stands at the ropes above them.When both men turn around to face Bret,he grabs the top rope and propels himself over and down onto his adversaries on the floor.All three land uncerimonioulsy on the arena floor as the referee begins to administer the ten count.1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..Bret begins to get to his feet...9...Bret rolls back into the ring as Thantos begins to get up...10.The referee calls for the bell as Bret gets to his feet and raises his arms in victory.Thantos falls back to the arena floor in defeat as he hears the announcement of the winner as a result of a countout ,Bret "Hitman" Hart.