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Comrade Terror vs. Sgt. Slaughter

The bell sounds and the combatants waste no time with their assault.They stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring exchanging left and right hand punches, neither giving an inch.Slaughter finally blocks a right by Terror and retaliates with three strong forearm smashes that stagger the Cygnus warrior back to the corner,Slaughter mounts the second buckle, looks out to the fans, cups his hand to his ear,and then begins to hammer away with fists to the head of Terror."1,2,3,4,5," the fans count along with Slaughter's punches,"6,7,8,9,"Slaughter pauses extends one finger into the air and comes crashing down with a double fist to the head of Comrade Terror.The Sarge hops off the buckle and Terror stumbles out two steps before falling flat on his face and rolling out of the ring.

Slaughter appeals to the fans ,who are cheering wildly, as Terror attempts to regain his composure on the floor. Terror climbs back to the apron, but Slaughter is right back on the attack. He grabs Terror and Suplexes him back in over the ropes.Slaughter covers his opponent, but only gets a two count. Terrror retuns to his feet and Slaughter hammers him mercillesly with a combination of punches,winding back and leveling Terror with a big right hand to end the barrage.The fans are on their feet as Slaughter picks up his opponent and sets up for a big atomic drop.He holds him at the top of the move and walks around the ring,finally finishing the move and sending Terror headfirst into the turnbuckle in a move very similar to Commander Sam's SAM'S ATOMIC DROP.

The Sarge continues his guerrilla-like assault by repeatedly ramming Terror's head into the turnbuckle as the fans again count along.Slaughter turns Terror around and whips him into the opposite buckle,but Terror reverses and hits him with a powerful running slingshot.Terror pulls Slaughter out of the corner and follows up with a backward leg sweep that sends Slaughter crashing hard to the mat.

Terror gets up and revels in the boos of the fans as Slaughter tries to get to his feet.Terror pulls up the Sarge and sends him into the ropes, hitting him with a clothesline on the rebound.Terror falls to the mat ,as if to cover his opponent, but instead begins to choke him as the referee administers the count.The referee admonishes Terror who ignores him and again choes Slaughter.He then pulls the sarge to his knees and Slaughter fires back with a series of forearm smashes to the stomach.Terror reels back momentarily , but cuts off Slaughter with a karate chop to the back of the neck.

Terror pulls his opponent all the way to his feet and sends him back to the mat with a flying skullcrusher.Terror gets up and waits for Slaughter to get to his feet.When he does , Terror clamps on the Terror Face Claw. Slaughter fights valliantly to stave off the effects of the claw, but soon begins to go down to one knee.As Terror continues to apply the preassure, Slaughter finally falls to the mat.Terror grinds the clawhold as the referee begins to count Slaughter's shoulders down on the mat.1...2.. Slaughter raises his left shoulder at the last second as the fans cheer wildly for Slaughter to make his comeback.

Sgt. Slaughter, as if given power by the cheers of the crowd,begins to fight his way back up to his feet.Terror,confused by the sudden surge of energy,contines to apply the claw,but the effect seems to be lessening as Slaughter gets to his feet and fires away with elbows to the stomach of Comrade Terror.Terror is forced to release the hold as Slaughter makes his comeback.Suddenly Slaughter's momentum is cut short as Terror rakes his eyes and sends him flying out of the ring between the second and top ropes.Terror follows to the floor, despite the protests of the referee.

As Slaughter begins to get up on the floor, Terror sends an axehandle smash down across his back.The force of the blow sends Slaughter down to one knee.Terror grabs his opponent by the head and attmepts to run him ito the ringpost,but Slaughter reverses it and sends Terror headfirst into the post.The fans are on their feet as Slaughter throws Terror back into the ring.

The Sarge picks up Terror and sets him for a verticle suplex,holding at the top of the move before sending him down to the mat with authority.Slaughter backs up to the ropes and signals for the Slaughter Cannon as Terror starts to get up.The Comrade turns around and is floored by the powerful blow by Slaughter.Sarge signals for the dreaded COBRA CLUTCH and waits for Terror to start to get up.Slaughter lathes on the CLUTCH and pulls Terror the rest of the way up in the manuver.Before Terror can submit Executioner hits the ring behind Slaughter and levels him with a clothesline to the back.

Comrade Terror regains his composure and the Henchmen begin pummeling Slaughter with stomps to the back and head.Suddenly Commander Sam rushes out from the back to come to the aid of Slaughter.he sends Executioner to the mat with a series of punches to the head and begins brawling with Terror.Slaughter gets to his feet and joins the fight.Together with Sam they whip Terror into the ropes and send him down with a double back drop.Executioner rushes at them and the two American warriors ,who send him down with a double back drop as well.Terror and Executioner roll out to the floor and make their retreat as "Stars And Stripes Forver" begins to play on the house speakers.Slaughter and Sam turn to one another and salute as the fans chant roar their approval.The winner of the match is announced as Sgt.Slaughter as the result of a disqualifacation as the fans chant "USA,USA" in honor of the American patriots in the ring.