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Before the match gets underway,Flair calls the referee over to his corner and insist he make the "fat boy in the second row" shut his mouth or he's not wrestling.The ref will not tolerate Flair's tactics and orders the match to begin.As the bell sounds a loud "Warrior,Warrior" chant erupts from the crowd as Star Warrior stands ready to lock up.Flair,irate at the chant,ducks between the ropes and threatens to "slap everyone in the front row unless they shut the hell up".This gets the crowd chanting louder as Warrior walks over and slaps Flair on the back of the head.Warrior's had enough of the mind games and backs off to center ring,motioning the angered Flair onward with a single wave of his hand and a steely gaze that lets Flair know he means business.

Ric Flair cautiously approaches and the two men finally lock up collar-and-elbow in the center of the ring.They fight to get the advantage and Warrior overpowers Flair into a headlock.Flair reverses into a hammerlock and Star Warrior manuevers his way to the ropes and the ref forces Flair to break the hold.Flair pushes Warrior hard in the back as he breaks and retreats to the middle of the ring.As Star Warrior turns around Ric Flair taunts him with a "whooo",circles to his right and prepares to tie up again.

Another tie up and this time Flair takes the headlock.Warrior struggles in Flair's grasp as Ric applies the pressure,grinding Warrior's head in a vice-like grip.Warrior goes down to a knee,but quickly returns to his verticle base as he backs Flair up and shoots him into the ropes to break the hold.Warrior catches Flair with an elbow smash on the rebound and Flair goes down hard as the crowd erupts.Flair gets up and is quickly sent back down by a dropkick.Flair returns to his feet once more and is again flattened by a dropkick by Star Wariror.Warrior appeals to the crowd as Flair attempts to regain his footing.Warrior signals for it and levels The Nature Boy with the Tomahawk Thrust.The crowd is on their feet as Flair rolls out of the ring.

Flair tries desperatly to regain his composure as the referee begins his count.Flair goes to the apron and grabs the second rope,begining to pull himself in as Warrior closes in on his prey.But in one deft manuever,Flair instead grabs Warrior's leg and pulls him out of the ring.Flair takes the crowd favorite and rams him head first into the steel ringpost.The referee rushes out to the arena floor to admonish Flair,but the Nature Boy brushes him aside and rolls back into the ring.Flair turns to the ringside fans and gloats."How'd you like that,fat boy?"Flair quips to the target of his pre-match ire as the crowd cascades him with boos.

As Warrior returns helplessly to the ring,Flair walks casually over to him ,pulls him to his feet ,and backs him into the corner.As Warrior slumps in the corner in pain,Flair rears his head back,lets out a loud "whoo",and lays a powerful chop into the chest of Star Warrior.The shot echoes throughout the arena as Flair again rears back and again punishes the chest of Warrior with a massive chop.A third chop is rained down as visible red welts begin to appear on Warrior's chest.Warrior stumbles out of the corner and falls hard to the mat.Flair picks up his opponent for a verticle suplex.Flair holds the move at the apex,trapping Warrior hanging upside down at Flair's mercy until Ric finally finishes the move,dumping Warrior to the mat seconds later.Flair goes for the pin.1...2...Warrior barely raises his shoulder before the ref counts three as the crowd gasps.

Flair gets up and backs off to the corner,surveying his fallen opponent and sizing him up.Flair takes a running start and delivers a perfect flying knee drop to the head of Star Warrior.Warrior winces as the pain of the move forces him up to a sitting position.He instinctivly begins to crawl to the corner as Flair taunts the crowd.Flair closes in and grabs Warrior by the hair,pulling back to deliver a big elbow.But Warrior delivers an elbow to Flair's midsection to counter and quickly sends Flair's head into the turnbuckle.

Warrior capitalizes on his new found second burst of energy and runs Flair across the ring by the neck and rams his head into the opposite buckle as the crowd goes nuts.Warrior takes Flair to the third buckle with the same treatment,and then the forth as Flair reels.Flair wheels around and falls face first to the mat.Flair quickly gets up to his knees,begging Warrior to back off as Warrior motions Flair to "bing it".Star Warrior closes in to grab Flair by the hair again,but Flair quickly pokes him in the eyes and takes over.Flair goes around the back of his stunned opponent and dleivers a thunderous spining back drop suplex,depositing Warrior in the center of the ring.

Flair,cofident now,quickly gets up and grabs Warrior's left leg as Warrior gasps for air on the mat."Now!"Flair shouts to the crowd as he applies a spinning toe hold and grabs Wariror's right leg,locking in the dreaded figure four leglock!Warrior screams in agony as the referee asks if he wants to give it up.Warrior screams "no",in obvious pain as he reaches desperatly for the ropes.Flair clamps down harder and Warrior's efforts to reach the ropes are violently halted.The ref asks Warrior if he wants to give up and again Warrior refuses.

The fans again begin to chant "Warrior,Warrior"as Star Warrior raises his left fist high in the air.Struggling and shaking Star Warrior begins to try to reverse the hold on Flair by rolling over to his stomach.Flair raises his left arm high into the air in an effort to counterbalance Warrior and fights to maintain control of the hold.But Warrior's strength advantage begins to come into play as he finally manages to turn over and reverse the figure four!Flair howls in pain as he quickly reaches the ropes and the referee forces the break to the fans disappointment.

Flair returns to a verticle postion as Warrior struggles to get up,still reeling from the effects of the figure four.Flair pulls him up and tosses him through the ropes and out of the ring.In solid control again Flair arrogantly pushes the referee to the side and follows his opponent to the outside.Flair delivers a powerful blow to the back of Star Warrior that sends him reeling into the ringside barricade.Flair turns Warrior around and again delivers a massive chop to Warrior's battered chest.Warrior retaliates with a chop of his own that staggers Flair as the ref hops out of the ring to attmept to difuse the brawl and get it back into the ring.

Warrior sends Flair head first into the barricade as the fans roar in approval.The referee steps in between Warrior and Flair,distracting Warrior and giving time for Flair to reach over the ref's back and poke Warrior in the eyes.The referee threatens to disqulify Flair who ignores him and grabs Warrior in a headlock.Flair takes a running start at the post,attempting to use Wariror's head as a human battering ram on the post.But Warrior pushes Flair away and sends him crashing into the post instead.Warrior tosses Flair back into the ring and heads to the top rope.

Back in the ring Flair stumbles to his feet as Wariror is perched on the top turnbuckle.Flair turns around and is flattened by a perfect cross body block.The ref quickly floats over to administer the count as Warrior goes for the pin.1...2...Flair kicks out hard at two and a half.Undeterred, Warrior picks his opponent up and sends him into the ropes,catching him with a powerful karate kick to send him crashing back down.Flair gets back up out of instinct and is met with a face slam that sends him down hard yet again.Flair lies motionless in the center of the ring as Warrior signals to the fans and begins his ascent up the turnbuckle for the COSMIC BIG BANG.

Warrior hits the top buckle and immediatly propels himself back down at Flair in a picture perfect BIG BANG attempt.But Flair manages to move out of the way at the last second and Warrior's body violently crashes to the mat.Flair manages to make it back to his feet and sets up Warrior for a piledriver,sending him down hard head first.Flair covers and as the referee gets in position,Flair reaches back and grabs a handful of Warrior's trunks for leverage as the ref administers the 1...2...3 and calls for the bell as the crowd goes berserk with rage.Flair is cascaded by boos and the ring is littered with garbage as The Nature Boy Ric Flair is declared the winner