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Cactus Jack vs. Mayhem

Mayhem is introduced first and grabs the microphone."Hey,Cactus,"Mayhem growls,"I hear you're supposed to be a real tough guy.Well I say we find out!If you've got the guts,let's do this falls count anywhere and find out who the real baddest S.O.B. is!" Mayhem throws down the microphone and stares down the aisle,awaiting the arrival of Cactus Jack.Several seconds pass and Jack is nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly Cactus makes his way through the crowd with a steel chair in hand and slides into the ring behind the unaware Mayhem.Cactus spins Mayhem around and smashes him in the head with the steel chair.Mayhem falls like a ton of bricks and rolls out of the ring and the match is underway.

Jack goes to the outside ring apron with chair in hand,waits for Mayhem to turn around,takes a running start and comes crashing down with a flying chair shot to the head of Mayhem.Mayhem falls to one knee and stumbles over to the announce table.Cactus follows and slams Mayhem hard on the table.

Somehow the table remains unbroken as Jack climbs up on it,picks up the fallen enemy and executes a viscious piledriver on the table.The table comes crashing down in two pieces and sends both men to the arena floor.Jack gazes upward from a sitting position with a crazed look in his eyes,points his index fingers like two guns,and screams"Bang,bang!" as the crowd errupts.

Jack grabs Mayhem by the hair and tosses him back into the ring.As Mayhem attempts to get up,Jack again executes a pulling piledriver and covers Mayhem for the pin.Mayhem somehow kicks out strong at two.Cactus returns to his feet and drops an axehandle blow down across the back of Mayhem.Jack backs up and waits for Mayhem to get to his feet.As he does Jack runs at him,but Mayhem catches him in a powerslam.Mayhem gets up,throws his head back, and lets out a primal scream that sends shivers through the fans in attendance.

Mayhem ,now in charge, whips his opponent into the turnbuckle and follows him in with a brutal running clothesline.Mayhem then throws Jack out of the ring in front of the aisle and rolls out of the ring.As Jack stumbles to his feet Mayhem levels him with a running clothesline that sends him flying over the security rail and into the crowd.

The fans scatter in fear as Mayhem leaps over the rail and continues the attack as the referee rushes in to folow the action.Mayhem grabs Jack and performs a deadly reverse suplex on a row of chairs vacated by the fans.He covers Cactus,but Jack kicks out.Jack rolls to his feet and Mayhem tosses him back over the railing and into the entryway aisle.Jack gets to his feet and staggers up the aisle towards the dressing rooms.Mayhem delivers a running axehandle to Cactus' back that sends him through the curtain and sprawling to the floor in the backstage corridor.Mayhem stands over his fallen opponent and laughs like a madman as the crowd,watching the action in the back through the holovison screens in the arena, cascades him with boos.

Mayhem's laughter is abruptly halted and turned into a scream of pain as Jack plants a boot into the groin of the maniacal Aethran.Jack grabs the madman by the injured bodypart and the back of the neck and whips him into a stack of large steel boxes.The boxes come tumbling down on top of the Aethran as Jack looks on in crazed approval.

Mayhem frees himself from the pile of boxes,but Jack is waiting for him with a 2 foot length of lead pipe which he sends down across the head of Mayhem as he gets up.Mayhem is cut heavily across the forehead as he stumbles through the curtain and back down the aisleway to the ring.The fans cheer wildly as Cactus reemrges behind him,lead pipe still in hand,and whacks Mayhem in the forehead again as he turns around.Mayhem falls hard and Cactus holds the lead pipe high over head as the crowd roars in approval.

Cactus tosses the pipe aside and positions Mayhem against the ringpost outside of the ring.He grabs a chair and swings hard at the head of Mayhem who ducks at the last second as Cactus connects with the chair to the steel post. Mayhem grabs the lead pipe,whirls around,and floors Cactus with a powerful shot to the head.

Mayhem runs Jack's head into the guardrail and Jack is busted open.Blood spills from his forehead as Mayhem pummels him mercilessly,landing lefts and rights to the skull of Jack.Cactus Jack fires back with a series of shots to the midsection that stagger the Aethran.Jack runs Mayhem's head into the rail and Mayhem retreats over the railing and into the sixth row of the audiance.Jack crawls over the railing and follows,but is met with a powerful chairshot by Mayhem.Mayhem drags Cactus to his knees and bites into his forehead,worsening the cut as Jack screams in agony.Mayhem looks up,red dripping from the corner of his mouth, and spits Jack's blood high into the air.

The Aethran,sensing victory,tosses his opponent back over the rail and into the ring.Mayhem delivers a powerful spine smasher and goes to the top rope.As Jack gets up,Mayhem flies through the air and delivers an awesome flying clothesline.As Cactus Jack lies motionless in the middle of the ring,Mayhem climbs to the opposite set of turnbuckles.Jack gets up and Mayhem flies at him again,but Jack ducks and Mayhem falls hard to the mat.Jack covers him for a pin,but mayhem kicks out.Mayhem crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself up.When he turns around Jack rushes him with a clothesline that sends both Mayhem and Jack over the top rope.

Jack goes for another piledriver on the arena floor,but Mayhem reverses it and sends Jack to the floor with a backdrop.Mayhem lifts the ring apron and pulls out a 20 foot steel chain.As Cactus jack begins to regain his footing Mayhem rushes him and clotheslines him with the chain.Jack goes down hard and Mayhem begins to wrap the chain around Jack's upper body,immobilizing him.

Mayhem then ascends to the top turnbuckle as jack lies on the arena floor,struggling to free himself from the chain.Mayhem dives from the buckle to the arena floor,landing a viscious LEAP OF DOOM headbutt to Cactus as the referee positions himself to count the pin.1...2...3,the referee calls for the bell and Mayhem is declared the winner.

Mayhem rolls into the ring to celebrate as the fans voice their disapproval.Meanwhile,Cactus recovers and frees himself from the chain.He enters the ring behind Mayhem and smashes him across the back with the chain as the fans boos turn to rabid cheers.Mayhem attempts to fight his way back up,but Jack again smashes him with the chain.Cactus picks up Mayhem and performs a DOUBLE ARM DDT.Mayhem rolls from the ring and lays helplessly on the arena floor as Cactus steps through the ropes.

Cactus Jack backs off on the ring apron,raises his right fist high into the air,takes a running start,and dives through the air onto Mayhem for a brutal HIPBUSTER ELBOW DROP.Cactus covers Mayhem and forces the ref to count the three.He rolls back into the ring with a wild look in his eyes and an evil grin.He looks up to the ceiling,points his index fingers in the air,and lets out a loud "Bang,bang!" before making his way down the aisle,leaving a battered and bloodied Mayhem looking anything but victorious.