The Ultimate Gladiators vs. The Road Warriors
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Ultimate Gladiators vs.Road Warriors

The Gladiators stand ready to battle, awaiting the arrival of their opponents in the middle of the ring.Suddenly Hawk and Animal burst from the back and rush down the aisle as "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath blares on the speakers.They slide in under the bottom rope and the battle is on.Hawk and Massacre exchange puches as Animal battles Brute.A series of punches rocks Brute to the ropes and a powerful clothesline by Animal sends him over the top rope as the fans errupt with cheers.The referee makes Animal go to his corner and that leaves Hawk and Massacre to start the bout.

A punch to the head and a forearm across the back knock Massacre to one knee.Hawk takes him down to the mat with a powerful standing gut wrench suplex and follows up with a jumping fist drop to the head of the Gladiator.Hawk picks up Massacre by the head and drags him over to the corner to tag in Animal.Animal and Hawk double whip Massacre into the ropes and Animal hits him with a massive flying shoulder smash on the rebound.Animal meassures up the fallen opponent and drops a big elbow to the chest of Massacre.He sets up for another big elbow,but Massacre moves at the last second and The Road Warrior crashes to the mat.Massacre rolls over and tags in Brute.

Brute comes in and catches Animal with a knee to the face as he atmepts to get up.A quick series of forearm smashes sends Animal reeling and Brute whips him into the ropes,catching him with a high back body drop on the return.Brute sets up, and as Animal returns to his feet he is leveled with a Runaway Cannon shot that drops him hard.

Brute tags in Massacre who immediatly delivers a falling knee crunch and covers Animal for the pin.Animal kicks out hard at two and sends Massacre flying through the air as the fans cheer him on.Massacre,angered by the kickout,drops another falling knee on Animal as he attemts to get up and sets him up for a brutal Gladiator piledriver.Animal is in trouble as Massacre taunts Hawk from inside the ring.Massacre whips Animal into the corner and rushes him,but Animal catches him with a knee to the head.Animal whips Massacre into the ropes and hits him with a big clothesline before tagging Hawk.

Hawk comes with a running clothesline as Massacre gets to his feet.Hawk powers Massacre up and over his head into a press position.He presses once,twice,three times before sending the Gladiator to the canvas.Hawk covers him,but Massacre kicks out.Hawk tags back out to Animal.Animal drags Massacre to his feet by the back of the tights,spins him around,and pulls him into a grinding bear hug,holding Massacre high off his feet as The Gladiator grimaces in pain.

After several seconds Brute enters the ring and delivers a knee to the back of Animal,forcing him to drop Massacre to the mat.Animal turns around as Brute exits the ring and gives him a forearm across the back for good meassure,then turns his attention back to Massacre.A strong backdrop suplex rocks Massacre.Massacre attempts to get up but is met with a powerful forearm across the back and tossed into the ropes.Animal sets for a back drop,but Massacre stops short and gives him a crushing piledriver.Massacre then performs THE CLEANSING knee and covers Animal for the pin.Animal somehow manages to kick out at two and three quarters.Massacre tags in Brute and together they deliver a "spiked" Gladiator Piledriver,Brute holding Animal in position as Massacre helps drive him to the mat by pushing down on his feet.Hawk is irate and attempts to enter the ring.The referee sees him and stops him from coming in.Massacre comes in as the ref deals with Hawk and both Gladiators toss Animal hard over the top rope and to the arena floor.Animal crashes with a loud "thud".Brute steps over the top rope and back to his corner as Hawk rushes over to his aid.

Hawk attempts to help Animal regroup as the fans begin to chant."Warriors,Warriors"they scream in unison as Animal begins to get to his feet.Animal rolls back into the ring and is immediatly met by a falling knee by Massacre,who is not the legal man in the ring (unbeknownest to the oblivious referee).Massacre picks up Animal and drops him with the Massacre slam.He stomps the head of the Road Warrior and turns to taunt Hawk once again.

Hawk attempts to enter the ring to retaliate,but is stopped by the referee.Meanwhile,behind the refs back,Brute enters the ring and together with Massacre,delivers a deadly double running clothesline as Hawk desperatly tries to bypass the referee to make the save.Hawk finally gives up and returns to his corner and begins to pound the turnbuckle and attempt to rally Animal to make a comeback.

Massacre justs laughs as he tags Brute back in.Brute picks Animal up and delivers a powerful back breaker.He covers Animal,but Animal manages to kick out at two and a half.Brute picks up the Road Warrior and tosses him out of the Gladiators side of the ring.As Brute distracts the referee, Massacre sneaks down to the floor and runs Animal's head into the steel railing near the fans.Hawk attempts to rush to his partners aid,but is spotted by the refereee and ordered back to his corner as Massacre tosses Animal back in to the waiting Brute.

Brute picks up Animal and goes for a reverse piledriver.He holds him in position for several seconds before sending him uncerimoniously to the mat.The fans reaction is mixed,as half join Hawk in cheering on Animal to make a comeback while the rest simply cascade the Gladiators with boos and expletives.Brute seems to revel in the fans abuse as he stands over his fallen opponent and slowly raises his right fist high in victory.Brute picks up Animal like a small child and tosses him into the ropes.He goes for a big punch on the rebound,but Animal ducks and rebounds off the opposite ropes.As Brute turns around Animal catches him with a flying shoulder that sends the big man down.

The fans are on their feet cheering for Animal as he picks up Brute,sends him into the ropes,and catches him with a big power slam.he goes for the pin,but Massacre dives in and drops a big falling knee to the back of Animal's head before the referee can stop him.Animal rolls off Brute and falls to the mat as Brute rolls over and covers him for the pin.1...2...Hawk rushes in and kicks Brute in the back of the head,breaking the pin.massacre attacks Hawk and the brawl is on.

Massacre and Hawk exchange lefts and rights with neither getting the advantage until Brute drops Hawk with a forearm smash from behind.Both Gladiators pumel Hawk with forearms across the back as the referee tries in vain to stop them.Suddenly Animal recovers from the beating he took earier and joins in the fight,first with a double axehandle blow to the back of Massacre,then a kick to the midsection of Brute which send Brute reeling to the corner.Hawk regains his footing and mercillesy pounds Massacre as Animal works over Brute with a series of kicks in the corner.Hawk sets up Massacre on the ropes and Animal comes over to help his partner whip Massacre into the opposite ropes.Massacre rebounds and is met with the awesome Road Warriors signature double clothesline.Massacre rolls out of the ring in pain as Brute stumbles out of the corner.The Warriors rush him and drop him with a powerful Warriors' double clothesline.

The crowd is on their feet as Hawk turns to them and raises both thumbs to the air,the traditional signal for "the end".As Animal hoists the enormous Brute onto his shoulders Hawk ascends to the top rope.Aniaml positions himself and Hawk dives off the ropes with a flying clothesline that sends Brute flying off the shoulders of Animal and down to the mat.Animal makes the cover as Hawk keeps Massacre from interferring.1...2...3.The referee calls for the bell as Brute rolls from the ring and Hawk and Animal raise both arms high overhead in a token of hard-earned victory.