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Chaos vs. Andre The Giant

Chaos attacks Andre before the bell with a strong forearm jab that momentarily stuns the Giant in the corner.A temple chop keeps Andre on the defensive.Chaos follows it up with a head butt, but Andre shakes it off and the force of the blow to Andre's massive skull actually stuns Chaos instead.Andre comes back with an overhand right that rocks Chaos back a step,but Chaos steps right back in with another forearm jab.Andre grabs Chaos,reverses him into the corner and levels a big knife edge chop down upon the chest of Chaos that echoes throughout the arena.

Chaos, now hurt by the last move,reels out to the middle of the ropes.Andre whips him in and gives Chaos a back body drop on the return.Chaos is immediatly to his feet however, and hits Andre with a clothesline when he turns around.Andre falls to one knee ,but gets right back up to a verticle position.Chaos backs up to the ropes,runs, and delivers another powerful clothesline.Again, Andre falls to one knee but is immediatly back up.Chaos charges Andre for a third time, but Andre catches him and deposits him to the mat with a powerful body slam.

Chaos gets up, but Andre grabs him and executes a big knee smash to the jaw of the Indestructible one.Chaos staggers and falls between the ropes and out of the ring.Andre follows Chaos out to the arena floor despite the referees protests.As Andre climbs out of the ring Chaos is lying in wait. He grabs the Giant and whips him into the steel ring post.Andre grimaces in pain as the referee orders Chaos to get back in the ring.Chaos slides in under the bottom rope, but immediatly rolls back out to continue his assault on Andre.He rams the Giant headfirst into the announce table, then grabs a steel chair and sends it crashing down across the back of the Giant.The fans are irate as the referee again demand Chaos get back in the ring as Andre attempts to overcome the pain.

Chaos rolls in under the rope and back out to the floor for a second time as the fans voice their anger and cheer on the Giant.Chaos picks up the chair and waits for Andre to get up.The Gaint returns to his feet and turns around just as Chaos starts to bring the chair down at his head.Andre grabs the chair at the last second and kicks Chaos in the stomach as the fans go wild.Chaos, momentarily dazed, releases his grip on the chair and Andre sends it crashing down on his head in retaliation.Chaos stumbles back as Andre grabs him by the head and sends him back into the ring.

Andre steps back in over the top rope and delivers a thunderous head butt to Chaos.Chaos wavers, but will not go down.Andre again levels a massive head butt.Chaos reels back to the ropes and bounces back at Andre, still refusing to fall.The Giant hits an overhand chop that knocks Chaos back and into the corner.Andre whips Chaos into the opposite buckle and charges in, but Chaos lifts a knee that hits Andre squarely in the chest and sends him staggering all the way back to the opposite corner.Chaos charges and rocks the Giant with a massive running slingshot clothesline in the corner.

Chaos turns to the fans, who are on their feet cheering on Andre to make a comeback."The Giant falls NOW!"Chaos confidently booms at the crowd as Andre slumps in the corner.Chaos drags Andre out to center ring and sets for a piledriver.The crowd looks on in disbelif as Chaos powers up the 450 pound Giant and sends him headfirst to the mat."It's over!"Chaos yells as he picks up Andre and locks on the Chaos Stronghold.The Giant is in visible pain as Chaos grinds on the hold.The referee asks if Andre wants to submit and Andre bellows a resounding no.Hearing this causes Chaos to apply even more preasure and the Giant throws his head back in agony.

Andre fights the hold with every bit of his enormous strength as the crowd ralles behind him.Just as it looks as if Andre may power out of the move, Chaos releases the hold and runs The Giant into the turnbuckle.He drives a shoulder into the midsection of Andre, followed up by two more. Andre doubles over in pain and Chaos gives him a head butt to the upper back and neck area.This drives Andre all the way down to both knees. Chaos stands in front of the Giant and raises both arms in victory and a few unruly fans litter the ring with their beverage cups.Chaos picks Andre up and goes for a backbreaker, but Andre blocks and Chaos is unable to lift him. Andre counters with a head butt and Chaos backs up. Andre tosses Chaos into the corner and backs up against him. He looks to the crowd for appproval, and they roar as Andre leans forward and sends all of his weight crashing back into Chaos in the corner.Andre crashes back again and a third time before stepping away from the corner. He watches as Chaos stumbles out and then falls forward, crashing down face first in the center of the ring.

The Giant pulls his opponent off the canvas and hurls him into the ropes.As Chaos rebounds, Andre lifts his massive leg and catches him square in the jaw with the GIGANTIC BOOT.Andre stands over the fallen opponent ,lets out a yell, and leaps into the air,landing in a sitdown position across the chest of Chaos.The referee gets in stiotn and counts the 1,2,3.Andre The Giant is declared the winner as Chaos rolls out of the ring.

As soon as Chaos regains his awareness and realizes what has occured he attempts to reenter the ring and rush the Giant.Three officails react to the move and attempt to restrain Chaos who throws them like rag dolls.This brings a dozen or more security personel and officials down to hold off Chaos as Andre stands in the ring ready to meet the challenge.Finally the officials manage to coax Chaos to the back after the threat of permanent suspension,but not before he makes it clear that Andre is a marked man.Andre laughs off the threat and celebrates his victory with the fans.