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Anarchy vs. Kane

The bell sounds and the two behemoths step to center ring to face off.Without fear they stare eye to eye,face to face, until Anarchy suddenly rakes at the eyes of Kane.Unphased, Kane returns fire with an eye rake of his own.Anarchy comes back with a right uppercut,but Kane retaliates with a throat chop that sends Anarchy reeling back a step.Another throat chop and a hard overhand forearm down across the back sends Anarchy to one knee.

Kane sends the Brymstone brawler into the ropes and sets for a backdrop,but Anarchy comes back with a kick to the head that straightens up Kane.Anarchy then gives him two Anarchy atomic drops and the Big Red Machine is sent staggering back against the ropes.Anarchy begins relentlessly choking the stunned opponent on the ropes until the referee calls for the break.Anarcy pushes the referee aside and continues choking Kane as the fans attempt to rally the Big Red Machine with their cheers.Anarchy grabs the top rope and slinshots Kane down to the canvas despite the referees protests.Anarchy lunges toward the ref,who covers his head with his arms and cowers back into the corner.

Satisfied with the fear he has instilled in the ref,Anarchy continues his assault.A flying gutbuster rocks Kane who attempts to sit up but quickly drops back to the mat.Anarchy picks his opponent up by the hair and tosses him over the top rope and out of the ring.He steps confidently from the ring and attempts to ram Kane's head into the ringside announcer's table,but Kane blocks the move with his arms and sends Anarchy's head into the table as the crowds cheers it's approval.Kane then picks up a steel chair and sends it crashing down over the back of Anarchy,who crumples to the floor.

The Big Red Machine tosses his opponent back into the ring and enters back in by stepping over the top rope.Anarchy is back to a standing position and runs at him,but Kane catches him in a lifting chokehold.The referee begins to count and demands Kane break at four.He does by tossing Anarchy violently to the mat.Anarchy gets up immediatly and runs at Kane agian,and is again caught in the lifting choke.This time Kane tosses him hard into the turnbuckle.Kane delivers another throat chop and Anarchy staggers out to the middle of the ropes.Kane sends him into the opposite ropes and catches him with a big boot on the rebound.Anarchy falls hard.

Kane then steps over the ropes and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle.Anarchy recovers as Kane climbs and sends him crashing to the mat with a body slam.Anarchy delivers a Brymstone Bludgeon and covers for the pin.1...2..Kane kicks out decisevly at two.Anarchy tosses him out of the ring again and climbs to the top turnnbuckle.As Kane gets up he is brought right back down by a suicide dive by Anarchy.A sickening thud is heard as the crowd gasps.Anarchy gets to his knees and raises both arms in victory as the referee demands he take the action back to the ring.Anarchy again lunges at the frightened ref and tosses Kane back in.He covers him agian and again Kane kicks out hard a two.

Frusterated,Anarchy begins to set up for the CRUCIFIX DROP.Once the metal plate is in place,he hoists Kane up and sends him crashing down to the canvas with the move.He covers for the pin,this time simply placing a knee over Kane's chest as he raises his arms in confidence of impending victory.1...2....Kane somehow kicks out right before the three!Anarchy gets up quick and the referee runs from the ring in fear as Anarchy circles Kane like a mad bull.

As Kane gets to his feet,Anarchy pulls him the rest of the way up and grabs him by the throat for a chokeslam.Kane blocks the move and delivers another mighty throat chop.He backs Anarchy into the ropes and sends him flying into the opposite set of ropes.Kane floors his opponent with a massive flying clothesline on the rebound.Kane goes to the top rope and as Anarchy gets up,he comes flying with a top rope clothesline.The crowd goes nuts as Kane runs one thumb across his throat,symbolizing the beginning of the end.

Suddenly Maleph appears from down the aisle and attmepts to get into the ring as the referee struggles to hold him back.Meanwhile Kane sets Anarchy up for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER.Blazing Skull appears from under the ring and enters the ring.he shoots fire into Kane's face as Kane screams and goes down hard.Anrchy rolls on top and covers him as Skull exits the ring.Maleph turns the referee around.The ref sees Anarchy making the cover and counts the one,two three.Anarchy rolls out of the ring and stands victorious in the aisle with Blazing Skull and Maleph leaving the fans enraged to near riotous proportions.In other words,giving the Brymstonians just what they crave.