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Sojourn bears

Welcome and Thank you for coming
Three bears that are waiting for that special someone.
This bear is given as a sign of love
and undertsanding from one
cancer patient to another ....
To "sojourn" means to stay for a time
or reside temporariy...
It is our hope and prayer that your
time with cancer is a short "sojourn"
with a happy, fruitful ending.
We've learned that hugging is the
perfect cure for whatever ails you!!
At least if it doesn't make you well,
just seeing or hugging a "teddy"
invokes a feeling of warmth,
security and whimsey in the
heart of all ages .
We encourage you to hold your
Sojourn Bear often. It will take in
your joys and your fears...

Our Love and Bear Hugs are with you always ..

Click on a heart below to learn more about the love with which these bears are crafted....
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