Links Page!

Okay this is my links page!


Awesome image archive, tons of great pics and things to use for your website, I got all my pics there

Usagi and

a great site, filled with tons of imformation, and shrines to the best anime couple in the world! Stop by and give Nishi a big hello!

The Kenna and Vulpix Library

My friend Kenna-chan's site, please visit her!

The Vortex

A very cool site made by my friend Fish-eye! Check it out

Lycnetia's SM web graphics shop

One of the best SM web graphic providers around!! check it out, that's where I got most of my graphics from :)

The SMRFF List Archive

A great site where you can read fics posted on the great SMRFF list at onelist. Check it out!!

My friend Clare-chan's site. Visit it even if you aren't a Usa- Seiya fan because it has some great information on the Stars season. Also it has some really awesome fanfictions posted, check it out!

more links soon to come :)