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Trips Photo Album cont.

RD200 at RT. 66 DRAG STRIP in Joliet,IL

At the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet Illinois. My 1975 RD-200 made 4 passes on the 1/4 mile DRAG STRIP on 9/Sep/2000

1st pass: Reaction Time .950

Time 17.408

MPH. 73.34

2nd pass: R/T .660

Time 17.696

MPH. 74.40

3rd pass: R/T .850

Time 17.710

MPH 73.42

4th pass R/T .640

Time 17.350

MPH 73.30

My bike ran well and ran very consistence.But just could not get any more out of it. The bike does have expansion chambers and carb work done to it. And was Dyno'd at just over 23hp at the 2000 SOTW rally this summer.I thought these were great times for a 200cc engine with a bore and stroke of 52X46 with 20mm Teikei carbs on it. Are there any other RD-200s out there that can do this speed?

1975 RD200 B Modified & on DYNOJET at 2 Stroke Rally in May 2000

In June of 1999 this RD200 B seemed quite the challenge. Trips on a one day "trip" bought this bike from Keith Vent, who's from New York, they met half way in Ohio. It ran in reverse. No matter what adjustments were made, it kept running in reverse. After carefully calibrating the timing, and resetting the points it was time to look into using another RD for parts. The stater was going to have to be switched. Now this was not an ordinary RD, it has drag handle bars and needed some other work. Expansion chambers were added and the bike was being transformed. On Thanksgiving day, (1999)(as dinner was about to be served and guests waiting) Trips yells out "put that turkey on hold". We anxiously listened to the first crank of the engine. And watched as the wheels turned the right way. What great sound it has. (turkey still on hold) We all took a ride on it. It is the fastest of all the RD's Trips has. It was worth the wait on dinner to see this bike in action. And will be a part of many trips to come.

1976 RD200C

This is a 1976 200 RD, the first year the RD's came out with an hydralic front disc brake. A Pretty classic for Yamaha. Bought this bike from Bill and Laurel (SILENCE OF THE CAMS). In mint condition, was a tear jerker for them to let it go. But its in good hands with Trips. Chrome shines like no other.And what a trip to get it. Bill and Laurel drove through a snow storm to meet us in IL on their way out west. This is a great addition to our growing collection, now consisting of 2 - 1974's, 4 - 1975's and this beautiful 1976. All fully functional and enjoyed by us both.

1967 YAMAHA 180

1974 Harley Davidson Z90

This little Harley is fun at swapmeets, and riding around the pits at motorcycle races.

1970 Yamaha DS6 250cc


Rebuilt by Trips, with parts from Steve Izzo, Thanks,

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