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Trips RD 200 Photo Album

1974 RD350

A PAIR of 1974 RD200 A's

Whether it was the gas crisis, real or contrived, it had lasting effects on everyone. Not all of its effects were negative. The country had been awakened in 1974 to a few facts of life that had been long ignored.The fact that our natural resources are not unlimited; the fact that oil companies cared more for themselves than the quality of life; and the fact that motorcycles are an economical, practical means of transportation.
(Trips rides an RD to work everyday)

Three of a Kind.....1975 RD200 B's

One of these 1975's is what started Trips desire to rebuild and modify Yamaha RD200's. In 1993 our daughter wanted to RIDE. It seemed small enough yet had the speed to keep up with us. She soon graduated to a sport bike but the RD remained a fasination. Ever since we've enjoyed the RD's for many "trips", taking them on vacation to take in the sites.

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