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Scoutmaster Troop 13 BSA

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Boy Scout Troop 13, East Alton, Il was formed May of 1946 when it was transfered from Alton to East Alton by 2 brothers, Otto and V.J. Bazier. The Troop has been sponsored by the First United Methodist Church of East Alton from that date. In April of 1959 Otto and V.J. were wanting to change the direction of their scouting expierence and decided to give up the troop. A scoutmaster could not be found so the troop folded. May of 1960 came by and several men in the church wanted to get their boys involved in the scouting program. At this point Troop 13 was rechartered and has a continous charter. June 1963 an 11 year old Bud Lewey goes to a scout meeting with neighborhood friend, Marc Hicks.