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My Sailor Moon Page

Welcome to my Sailor Moon Page.

I have no idea whatsoever how to use this HTML stuff so this page may not, or will not, be to great but I am trying. I will have (hopefuly) pictures, links and other stuff. If anybody could help me a little I would really appreciate it. If you could send HTML codes for pictures, backrounds, anything that has to do with Sailor Moon it would be a big help. I need all the help I can get looking at this page!

Well,here are the Scouts,and villans that I have adopted. I know this stuff is usually at the bottom of the page but... well, these are the only pictures I have that I know how to put on this page. In case you didn't know the last picture, the one that looks like Raye, is really Misstress9 Adopt a sailor scout today, and if your daring even a villain or two

Places to go:




My Chat Room

Also check out Visit! Sailor, a great place for pics and info
Here is my dragon flower that I adopted. It will grow into a dragon within the next month. The Site Fights Spirit Flowers

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers

I know I have a Webrings page but I just like this ring so much I had to put it on my page.

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