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Central Illinois Expressway

In middle of 1980 and early 1990's, The Illinois government decide to built the Central Illinois Expressway from Mississippi River to Springfield. The I-72 was using the route from Springfield to Champaign. After the Central Illinois Expressway complete the road. The Illinois Government decides to call I-72 so it will guide the transportation from Champaign to Mississippi River at center of Illinois. The Missouri and Illinois had agreed to build the new Mississippi River Bridge across the river in the city, Hannibal, MO. They want I-72 continue to Missouri and hope the Missouri people will bring I-72 to move more west in the state.

US 36 were the best routes for the central of Illinois from Mississippi River to state of Indiana. After the Central Illinois Expressway completed and US 36 was move to 4 lanes. The old US 36 was change to IL 106 from Hull to Winchester. Later, The government decides to add the new route, I-72. The I-72 and US 36 share the route from Hannibal, MO to Decatur. Then I-72 continued to Champaign while US 36 go to the city of Decatur and straight to state of Indiana.

In middle of 1990's when the Central Illinois Expressway was complete, there was a freeway that leads from Fall Creek to north of Quincy. The route was called IL 336. It was connect from Fall Creek where IL 336 meets US 36 on the freeway. It is spur freeway from Hannibal/Springfield to Quincy. When Central Illinois Expressway decide to rename the route to I-72. The IL 336 was change to I-172, the best route to Quincy. Later, the route, IL 336 is back for new freeway from north of Quincy to Macomb. Current, I-172 end the route when I-172 meet the US 24 on the exit and the route will become IL 336 which it continue freeway to Macomb. (The IL 336 freeway is not complete yet, but it is part of Illinois government project, the fast route from Quincy to Macomb.

Eastbound of I-72

Westbound of I-72

I-72 Road Picture

The galleries of the road pictures

The location was at Fall Creek which the I-172 meet I-72. It was temporary end of I-72 before it moves to Missouri. The US 36 continue to Missouri

It was about 1 mile away from the temporary end of I-72

The present time of I-72 and US 36 meet I-172

Missouri I-72/US 36

The picture shows the old Mark Twain Bridge of US 36, which build in 1936. It was demolition in 2001 after the new bridge open for I-72 and US 36.

The new Mark Twain Bridge for I-72 and US 36 across Mississippi River to Hannibal in Missouri.

The old Mark Twain Bridge (US 36) Demolition

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