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My Friends and Stuffs

Ugly picture of me! =P

Weirdo Guys!

Jay, Lucas, and Adam

My Best Friends
(Three Stooges)

Kevin (Moe), Sam (Curly), and Jess (Larry)

Three Stooges of Illinois

click about Sam's Arrested.

More pictures of friends

Jess, Adam, and Jacob
1998 ISD Cross Country, first team in ISD history

Jess, Katy, and Sam
Took picture during 1999 Graduation Day at Illinois School for the Deaf

Jess, Rae, and Kevin
Took picture at Gallaudet University Homecoming in fall 1999

2001 Marine Corps Marathon

Chad (my brother) and
I ran at Washington, D.C.

DONE! I did ran 26.2 miles!

Marathon time:
4 hours and 35 minutes

2002 Twin Cities Marathon

Almost finish the race!
I am so close to the finish line!

Done as twice in my career!

Marathon time:
3 hours and 58 minutes

My baby Shadow plus I sold it! =(

1990 Dodge Shadow
Mileage: 130,xxx and it keep going! until I sold to weird woman