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   The reason we went to Capital Hill (Washington, D.C.), and to the nations of the world were for prophetic reason to acknowledge that we have sinned as our forefathers had sinned, turn to the east in prayer, asking for an atonement for our sins, standing up as men and fathers to take charge of our families and to ask THE MOST HIGH to guide us in the way of HIS truth (Lev. 26, Num. 5: 5-10, Neh. 8:13-18, II Chr. 7:14, I Ki. 8:46-54).     
   Now phase two of the prophecy says, we must learn the law, Statues, and Judgments of THE MOST HIGH and to teach them to our families to rebuild the structure so that the diseases of the land will not come upon us as a people in the land, making a different between us and them (
Deu. 7:11-15, Isa 26:7-9, Hos. 14:1,2).     
   Now phase three of the prophecy says, that there will be reparations and a separation between those that remember there father's land and return. And those that forget it and stay. Those that seek God and those that forsake him. One of a city and two of a family to return. But for those that remain to be slaughtered. (
Gen. 15:13-14, Is. 49:1-26, Isa. 65:9-15, Jer. 3:12-15, Jer. 29:14, and Hos. 2:14-23).     

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