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A novice’s guide to some of the best Historical Fiction,
from authors and avid fans of the genre.
(Listed alphabetically by title)

Editor’s note : If you know of any Historical novels you feel are thought-provoking, riveting, or are crammed with historical detail, yet not included on this list, please email the titles and author’s name to me at and I will be happy to include them. Please note that the novels do not have to be current, but can be classics. Additionally, if you would care to add a few comments for the listed novels that currently lack descriptions, feel free to mail them to me also.



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    The Alienist (Caleb Carr)
    Covers early 20th-Century America.

    Allegiance (Rosalie More)
    American West 1836. Behind the scenes political intrigue sets the stage for the War with Mexico. Adventure, spies, and suspense. Cameo appearances by Sam Houston, Thomas Hart Benton, and others.

    American Dreams (John Jakes)
    Sequel to Homeland. Covers life in early 20th-Century America and England, including the early days of film-making, automobile manufacturing and racing, World War I.

    An Instance at the Fingerpost (Iain Pears)
    17th-Century England.

    Angelique (Sergeanne Golon)

    Antichrist (Cecelia Holland)
    13th-Century Europe.

    Anything For Billy (Larry McMurtry)
    American history, the west.

    April Morning (Howard Fast)
    The opening days of the Revolutionary War from the vantage point of a teenage boy. Required reading in many schools, and for good reason.

    The Arms Of Nemesis (Steven Saylor)
    Historical mystery, set in Republican Rome.

    Arundel (Kenneth Roberts)
    Details the Revolutionary War. A provocative point of view (Benedict Arnold, for one), and a rather bleak view of the common American. Fascinating. (Sequel to Northwest Passage. See also Rabble In Arms below.

    The Assyrian (Nicholas Gould)

    Augustus, Tiberius and Caesar (Alan Massey)

    The Autobiography of Henry VIII (Margaret George)

    Axe For An Abbot (Elizabeth Eyre)
    Historical mystery set in Renaissance Italy.

    Aztec (Gary Jennings)

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    Banners Of Gold (Pamela Kaufmann)
    12th-Century Europe.

    The Bear Flag (Cecelia Holland)
    19th-Century America.

    Beloved (Toni Morrison)
    Post American Civil War fiction.

    The Belt Of Gold (Cecelia Holland)
    8th-Century Byzantium.

    Ben Hur (Lew Wallace)

    The Big Sky (A. B. Guthrie, Jr.)
    Considered by many to be the novel of America’s Western exploration and the fur trade, 1830-1843.

    Billy Bathgate (E. L. Doctorow)
    Covers early 20th-Century America.

    The Black Flower (Howard Bahr)
    The American Civil War and the Battle of Franklin.

    Blind Justice (Bruce Alexander)
    Historical mystery set in 18th-Century England.

    The Blood Of Roses (Marsha Canham)

    A Bloody Field By Shrewsbury (Edith Pargeter)
    Late 14th- and early 15th-Century England and the events that led up to the Battle of Shrewsbury.

    Bronze Mirror (Jeanne Larson)
    8th-Century China.

    The Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet (Edith Pargeter)
    - Book 1 : Sunrise in the West
    - Book 2 : The Dragon at Noonday
    - Book 3 : The Hounds of Sunset
    - Book 4 : Afterglow and Nighfall

    Buffalo Girls (Larry McMurtry)
    American history, the west.

    Burr (Gore Vidal)
    Covers the late 18th- and early 19th-Century history.

    Byzantium (Steven Lawhead)
    A 9th-Century Irish monk makes a pilgrimage to Byzantium. Adventure and a religious crisis are the results.

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    California Gold (John Jakes)
    Covers life in California before and after the turn of the 20th Century. Includes the great San Francisco earthquake.

    The Camulod Chronicles (Jack Whyte)
    A realistic telling of the Arthurian legend.
    - Book 1 : The Skystone
    - Book 2 : The Singing Sword
    - Book 3 : The Eagle’s Brood
    - Book 4 : The Saxon Shore
    - Book 5 : The Sorcerer

    Catilina’s Riddle (Steven Saylor)
    Historical mystery, set in Republican Rome.

    Century (Fred Mustard Stewart)
    Covers 4 generations of a family, from the late 1800s through the 1960s, including both World Wars in America and Europe.

    The Champion (Elizabeth Chadwick)
    Jousting in England and Normandy during the reigns of Richard I and John.

    Charleston (Alexandra Ripley)
    Life in Charleston, South Carolina, from the days of the American Civil War through the end of the 19th Century.

    Chase The Heart (Maggie Osborne)
    A novel of Elizabethan England.

    Child of the Phoenix (Barbara Erskine)
    13th-Century Wales, England, and Scotland.

    City Of God (Cecelia Holland)
    Renaissance Italy.

    Claudius, The God (Robert Graves)
    Fictionalized Roman history, 1st Century A.D.

    The Conquered Heart (Denée Cody)

    The Conquest (Elizabeth Chadwick)
    Set in the 11th Century, at the time of the Norman Conquest.

    The Conspiracy (John Hersey)
    Imperial Rome.

    Count Belasarius (Robert Graves)

    The Count Of Monte Cristo (Alexander Dumas)
    A classic.

    The Course of Honor (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

    The Court Of The Lion (Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri)
    8th-Century China.

    The Crater (Richard Slotkin)
    The American Civil War. Life in the trenches surrounding Petersburg, Virginia, and the disastrous horror of the crater.

    The Crow Goddess (Patricia Finney)
    Roman British Isles.

    The Crystal Cave (Mary Stewart)
    King Arthur’s England.

    Curtains For The Cardinal (Elizabeth Eyre)
    Historical mystery set in Renaissance Italy.

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    The Dancing Bear (Peter Dickinson)
    Originally intended for children, the story revolves around 2 slaves and a bear in 5th- and 6th-Century Byzantium. A touching story, with intellignet narration and good research.

    The Dark Angel (Mika Waltari)
    Deals with the fall of Constantinople to Sultan Mehmet II in 1453.

    The Dark City (Hella S. Haasse)
    Renaissance Italy.

    Daughter Of Time (Josephine Tey)
    Richard III.

    Dead March (Ann McMillan)
    Murder mystery set in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War.

    A Death At Deptford (Anthony Burgess)
    16th-Century England.

    Death Comes for the Archbishop (Willa Cather)
    Roman Catholic missionaries in Spanish New Mexico.

    Death Of A Duchess (Elizabeth Eyre)
    Historical mystery set in Renaissance Italy.

    The Death of Attila (Cecelia Holland)
    5th-Century Europe.

    Death of the Fox (George Garrett)
    17th-Century English, with Sir Walter Raleigh.

    Deception (Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri)
    8th-Century China.

    Devil Water (Anya Seton)
    The Jacobite Uprising.

    Dirge For A Doge (Elizabeth Eyre)
    Historical mystery set in Renaissance Italy.

    Doomsday Book (Connie Willis)
    Fascinating time-travel book detailing 14th-Century England during the Black Plague.

    Dreams Of Glory (Thomas Fleming)
    The American Revolution.

    Drums Along The Mohawk (Walter Edmonds)
    Might be the best novel on the Revolutionary War. One of the many books by Edmonds on the upper New York State area, a side-show during the War, but as such, a splendid picture of the average townsfolk at that time.

    The Duchess of Milan (Michael Ennis)
    15th-Century Italy.

    A Dying Light in Corduba (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

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    The Eagle and the Raven (Pauline Gedge)
    1st-Century A.D. Britons vs. Romans. Long and complex, yet reads like a dream.

    Eagle Of The Ninth (Rosemary Sutcliffe)
    Roman Britain.

    Eagle’s Daughter (Judith Tarr)
    10th-Century Byzantine.

    The Earl (Cecelia Holland)
    12th-Century England.

    Edwina Parkhurst, Spinster (Patricia Lucas White)

    The Egyptian (Mika Waltari)
    Deals with the religious revolution of Akhanaton in Pharonic Egypt. (The hebrew title is Shanhat the Egyptian).

    Ellis Island (Fred Mustard Stewart)
    The life of European immigrants in the days leading up to the first World War.

    Entered From The Sun (George Garrett)
    17th-Century England.

    Exodus (Leon Uris)
    The Independence of Israel.

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    A Famine of Horses; A Season of Knives (P. F. Chisolm)
    Elizabethan mysteries.

    The Far Pavilions (M. M. Kaye)

    The Firedrake (Cecelia Holland)
    11th-Century England and France.

    Firedrake’s Eye (Patricia Finney)
    16th- and 17th-Century England.

    The Firekeeper (Robert Moss)
    Covers the French/Indian war. The story of Sir William Johnson and his friendship with the Mohawks. Explores Native American spirituality. The Australian author even learned to speak and write Mohawk before he wrote the book.

    The First Man in Rome (Collen McCullough)

    Flambard’s Confession (Margaret Durham)
    11th-Century England and France.

    The Flashman Papers Series (George MacDonald Fraser)
    The hilarious adventures of a captivating villain, Harry Flashman, take you around the world: Afghanistan, China, Madagascar, America, continental Europe, and, Flashman’s homeland, Victorian England. Often politically incorrect, always historically accurate, the Flashman Papers are historical fiction at its best.
    - Book 1 : Flashman : From The Flashman Papers, 1839-1842
    - Book 2 : Royal Flash : From The Flashman Papers, 1842-43 and 1847-48
    - Book 3 : Flashman And The Redskins
    - Book 4 : Flashman And The Dragon
    - Book 5 : Flashman And The Angel Of The Lord; From The Flashman Papers, 1858-59

    Forever Amber (Kathleen Windsor)
    17th-Century England.

    For My Lady’s Heart (Laura Kinsale)

    Fortune Made His Sword (Martha Rofheart)
    Henry V.

    Frenchman’s Creek (Daphne DuMaurier)
    17th-Century. The film starring Joan Fontaine is excellent and keeps pretty much with the book.

    Friday’s Child (Georgette Heyer)
    Has the most wonderful secondary characters, and Here really knew her history.

    From Fields Of Gold (Alexandra Ripley)

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    The Heaven Tree Trilogy (Edith Pargeter)
    - Book 1 : The Heaven Tree
    Medieval England, Wales, and France.
    - Book 2 : The Green Branch
    Medieval England, Wales, and France.
    - Book 3 : The Scarlet Seed
    Medieval England, Wales, and France.

    The Here Be Dragons Trilogy (Sharon Kay Penman)
    - Book 1 : Here Be Dragons
    13th-Century Welsh struggles for independence against the English.
    - Book 2 : Falls the Shadow
    13th-Century Welsh struggles for independence against the English.
    - Book 3 : The Reckoning
    13th-Century Welsh struggles for independence against the English.

    High Hearts (Rita Mae Brown)
    The American Civil War. A Southern woman dons the garb of a Confederate soldier to stay close to her husband, only to fall in love with her commanding officer. Crammed with eccentric characters and witty dialogue.

    Homeland (John Jakes)
    Covers the Spanish/American war, life in Chicago just prior to the 20th Century, and the early days of film-making.

    House Divided (Ben Ames Williams)
    Won the Pulitzer for 1949. One of the best I have ever read. Covers the story of the love affair between the Abraham Lincoln’s grandmother, “Lucy Hanks,” a poor, white girl with an aristocratic son of a plantation owner and the subsequent illegitimate birth of “Nancy Hanks.” Nancy married Tom Lincoln and died when Abe was small. Tom Lincoln then married “Sarah Lincoln,” the esteemed stepmother who taught Abe to read. The book discusses Lincoln’s Southern roots and rebel kin and how that might have impacted certain crucial decisions he made as president during the Civil War.

    The House Of Arden (E. Nesbit)
    A children’s novel. Children time travel from Edwardian England to different eras of English history.

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    I, Claudius (Robert Graves)
    Fictionalized Roman history, 1st Century A.D.

    Ice Angel (Kathy Ishcomer)

    The Ides of March (Thornton Wilder)
    A novel of Julius Caesar.

    The Immigrants (Howard Fast)

    In A Dark Wood Wandering (Hella S. Haasse)
    14th-Century. France.

    In Spite Of All Terror (Hester Burton)
    Experiences of a fifteen-year-old girl from the East End of London in WWII, 1939-40.

    In The Wind’s Eye (Charlotte Boyett-Compo)
    Historical Romance, the American Civil War. A Confederate vet returns home only to discover how drastically his life has changed...and how he is still marked to die.

    The Iron Hand of Mars (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

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    The Kaden (Bertrice Small)
    15th-Century Romance about a European girl enslaved by the Ottomon Empire. Excellent story line and works well with historical fact.

    Katherine (Anya Seton)
    14th-Century England.

    The Kent Family Chronicles (John Jakes)
    - Book 1 : The Bastard
    Covers life in Colonial America.
    - Book 2 : The Rebels
    Covers the American Revolution.
    - Book 3 : The Seekers
    Covers the War of 1812 and the Lewis & Clark Expedition.
    - Book 4 : The Furies
    Covers the Mexican War and the Battle of the Alamo, the California Gold Rush, and antebellum life up to the outbreak of the American Civil War.
    - Book 5 : The Titans
    Covers the American Civil War, including the Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run.
    - Book 6 : The Warriors
    Covers the American Civil War in the South, including Sherman’s March To The Sea. Also includes Reconstruction and lawlessness in the West.
    - Book 7 : The Lawless
    Covers Paris in the 1870s, gunfighters in the west, the Chicago fire of 1871, and the Centennial Exposition in 1876.
    - Book 8 : The Americans
    Covers life in the late 19th Century, including the Johnstown Flood.

    The Killer Angels (Michael Shaara)
    Covers the Battle of Gettysburg. Inspiration for the movie Gettysburg.

    Killing Mister Watson (Peter Mathiesson)
    Early 20th-Century America.

    The King Must Die (Mary Renault)
    Ancient Greece and King Theseus.

    Kingdom of Shadows (Barbara Erskine)
    Late 13th- and early 14th-Century Scotland and England.

    The King’s General (Daphne De Maurier)
    A great history/mystery--about what’s walled up in an old manor during England’s Civil War.

    The Kings In Winter (Cecelia Holland)
    11th-Century Ireland.

    Kristin Laavransdatter (Sigrid Undset)
    14th-Century Norway.

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    Lady of Hay (Barbara Erskine)
    Covers modern day and 12th- and 13th-Century England and Wales.

    Lady of the Forest (Jennifer Roberson)
    Details the 13th-Century King John era.

    Lady of the Glen (Jennifer Roberson)
    Details the 17th-Century Glencoe massacre.

    Lady’s Maid (Margaret Forster)
    Elizabeth Barret Browning.

    The Lantern Bearers (Rosemary Sutcliffe)
    Roman Britain.

    LaSalle (John Vernon)
    17th-Century America.

    Last Act in Palmyra (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

    The Last of the Wine (Mary Renault)
    Details the fall of classical Athens.

    The Last Plantation (Don Wright)
    The American Civil War in Gallatin, Tennessee.

    The Legend of Lejube Rogue (P. F. White)
    Western. Oregon, in the 1870s.

    Lempriere’s Dictionary (Lawrence Norfolk)
    18th-Century France and England.

    The Leopard (Lampedusa)
    Early 20th-Century Sicily, the last of old aristocracy.

    Liberty Tavern (Thomas Fleming)
    The American Revolution.

    The Light Bearer (Donna Gillespie)
    An excellent story of Ancient Rome.

    Little Big Man (Thomas Berger)
    Biography of a man who survives the Battle of Little Bighorn.

    London (Edward Rutherfurd)
    A riveting sweep of about 2,000 years of British history through the lives of a handful of families living at the site of London over that period.

    Lonesome Dove (Larry McMurtry)
    American history, the west.

    The Lords Of Vaumartin (Cecelia Holland)
    14th-Century France.

    The Loveknot (Elizabeth Chadwick)
    Medieval midwifery during the war between Stephen and Mathilda, England, circa 1140.

    The Lucifer Contract (Maan Meyers)
    Mystery, based on fact, surrounding the Confederate conspiracy to burn down New York City during the Civil War.

    The Lute Player (Norah Lofts)
    A story about Richard Lionhearted and his luteplayer, Blondel.

    Lydia Bailey (Kenneth Roberts)
    U. S. against pirates in Tripoli.

    The Lymond Chronicles (Dorothy Dunnett)
    The series covers life in mid 16th-Century Scotland, but covers most of Europe as well.
    - Book 1 : The Game of Kings
    - Book 2 : Queen’s Play
    - Book 3 : The Disorderly Knights
    - Book 4 : Pawn in Frankincense
    - Book 5 : The Ringed Castle
    - Book 6 : Checkmate

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    The Magic (Juliana Garnett)
    Details 12th-Century England/Wales.

    The Magnificent Savages (Fred Mustard Stewart)
    19th-Century America and China.

    The Man In The Iron Mask (Alexander Dumas)
    A classic.

    The Man On A Donkey (H.F.M. Prescott)
    16th-Century England.

    The Man Who Laughs (Victor Hugo)
    A more profound version of The Phantom of the Opera.

    The Marriage of Megotta (Edith Pargeter)
    13th-Century England.

    The March King’s Daughter (Elizabeth Chadwick)
    What really happened to the treasure that King John lost whilst crossing the Wellstream.

    Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles (Margaret George)

    Masks Of The Illuminati (Robert Anton Wilson)
    An English gentleman haunted by demons gets help from Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud.

    The Master of Hestviken (Sigrid Undset)
    14th-Century Norway.

    Memoirs of Cleopatra (Margaret George)

    The Memoirs of Hadrian (Marguerite Yourcenar)
    Imperial Rome.

    The Midwife’s Apprentice (Karen Cushman)

    Morality Play (Barry Unsworth)
    14th-Century England.

    Mountain Men (Vardis Fisher)
    A Civil War veteran retreats into the Rockies and has violent adventures.

    The Mountain War Trilogy (Cameron Judd)
    - Book 1 : The Shadow Warriors
    The American Civil War in Tennessee.
    - Book 2 : The Phantom Legion
    The American Civil War in Tennessee.
    - Book 3 : Season Of Reckoning
    The American Civil War in Tennessee.

    Murder In Grub Street (Bruce Alexander)
    Historical mystery set in 18th-Century England.

    A Murder On The Appian Way (Steven Saylor)
    Historical mystery, set in Republican Rome.

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    Natchez (Deb Crockett)
    Historical Romance set along the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

    Night (Wiesel)
    The best novel ever written on the Holocaust experience. Wiesel was there, and he is a large-hearted genius.

    1916 (Morgan Llywellyn)
    The story of the Irish rebellion, planned in Dublin, in 1916. The pages are crammed with historical information in a very pleasing story.

    North & South (John Jakes)
    - Book 1 : North & South
    Covers Antebellum America, The Mexican War, and the days leading up to the American Civil War.
    - Book 2 : Love & War
    Covers the American Civil War.
    - Book 3 : Heaven & Hell
    Covers the post Civil War/Reconstruction era.

    Northwest Passage (Kenneth Roberts)
    Details the Rogers Rangers (See Arundel above).

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    The Quest (Juliana Garnett)
    Covers 13th-Century King John era and the Magna Carta.

    Quinn’s Book (William Kennedy)
    A quirky and moving story of one boy’s journey into adulthood and his relationship with the woman he loves, from 1849 through 1864 in New York State.

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    Rabble In Arms (Kenneth Roberts)
    Details the Revolutionary War. (Sequel to Arundel.

    A Rage Against Heaven (Fred Mustard Stewart)
    The American Civil War.

    Ragtime (E. L. Doctorow)
    Early 20th-Century America.

    The Rainbow’s Foot (Denise Dietz Wiley)
    A Colorado Saga (1893-1925) that encompasses the Cripple Creek gold rush, the Ludlow Massacre, and Colorado’s silent film industry.

    Raintree County (Ross Lockridge, Jr.)
    A story of one man’s life in small-town middle-America before, during, and after the Civil War, told in such a unique fashion it absolutely defies description. Highly literary, positively compelling, and awe-inspiring, with a poetic writing style you won’t soon forget. Simply breathtaking!

    Rakossy (Cecelia Holland)
    15th-Century Hungary.

    Rebecca (Daphne DuMaurier)

    The Red Badge of Courage (Stephen Crane)
    The American Civil War. Most likely based on the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg.

    Redemption (Leon Uris)
    Follows the trail of an Irish emmigrant to New Zealand, and his son’s search for his Irish destiny. From the tagedy at Gallipoli to the inner sanctum of Winston Churchill’s political machine, this novel is both historically insightful as well as a great work of fiction.

    Riders To Cibola (Norman Zollinger)
    Life in Turn-Of-The-20th-Century Western America.

    The Road to Bethlehem (Nora Lofts)
    The historical Christmas story, as it might well have been. Worth a look.

    The Roman (Mika Waltari)
    Deals with 1st-Century Rome of Claudius and Nero and the upheavels of Jewish/Christian turbulent relations.

    Roman Blood (Steven Saylor)
    Historical mystery, set in Republican Rome.

    Rubicon (Steven Saylor)
    Historical mystery, set in Republican Rome.

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    Sacred Hunger (Barry Unsworth)
    About the 18th-Century English slave trade.

    St. Thomas’s Eve (Jean Plaidy)
    Excellent account of the life of Thomas Moore.

    Satan’s Angel (Kathryn Atwood)
    17th-Century Romance.

    The Savannah Quartet (Eugenia Price)
    - Book 1 : Savannah
    Life in Savannah, Georgia, from the War of 1812 through 1838.
    - Book 2 : To See Your Face Again
    Life in Savannah, Georgia, and Georgia’s upcountry from 1838 through 1842. Includes the Pulaski disaster.
    - Book 3 : Before The Darkness Falls
    Life is Savannah, Georgia, and Georgia’s upcountry from 1842 through the days leading up to the Civil War.
    - Book 4 : Stranger In Savannah
    Life in Savannah, Georgia, and Georgia’s upcountry during the days of the Civil War.

    Scaramouche (Rafael Sabatini)
    A master of the swashbuckler.

    The Scarlet Pimpernel (Baroness Orczy)
    The novel from which all secret-identity heros have come, from Batman to Zorro.

    The Scotsman (Juliana Garnett)
    Covers the 14th-Century Scots/English conflict.

    The Sea Beggars (Cecelia Holland)
    17th-Century Holland.

    A Shadow of Gulls (Patricia Finney)
    Roman Ireland.

    Shadow On The Valley (Kirk Mitchell)

    Shadows In Bronze (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

    Shaman (Noah Gordon)
    Set during the time of the American Civil War.

    The Sharpe Series (Bernard Cornwell)
    The Napoleonic Wars.
    - Book 1 : Sharpe’s Eagle
    - Book 2 : Sharpe’s Gold
    - Book 3 : Sharpe’s Company
    - Book 4 : Sharpe’s Sword
    - Book 5 : Sharpe’s Enemy
    - Book 6 : Sharpe’s Honor
    - Book 7 : Sharpe’s Regiment
    - Book 8 : Sharpe’s Siege
    - Book 9 : Sharpe’s Rifles
    - Book 10 : Sharpe’s Revenge
    - Book 11 : Waterloo
    - Book 12 : Sharpe’s Devil
    - Book 13 : Sharpe’s Battle
    - Book 14 : Sharpe’s Tiger
    - Book 15 : Sharpe’s Triumph

    Shattered Rainbows (Mary Jo Putney)

    The Shattered Rose (Jo Beverley)

    Shiloh (Shelby Foote)
    The American Civil War, detailing the Battle of Shiloh.

    The Ship That Flew (Hilda Lewis)
    A children’s novel. Children find a model ship which allows them to “fly” back into the past.

    Silk Road (Jeanne Larson)
    8th-Century China.

    The Silver Branch (Rosemary Sutcliffe)
    Roman Britain.

    The Silver Pigs (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

    Sins Of The Father (Trace Edward Zaber)
    American Civil War adventure/suspense.

    So Red The Rose (Stark Young)
    A tale of the Old South, set in Natchez, Mississippi, during the Civil War. .

    The Sotweed Factor (John Barth)
    Covers 17th-Century England and America.

    The Source (James Michener)
    Realistic fiction? Fictionalized history? Time period? The whole gamet--Prehistory to Modern Era. Category? A portable feast!

    Southland (Amanda Carlisle)
    Life in Antebellum Louisiana.

    The Spoils Of War (Thomas Fleming)
    Covers life in Louisiana during the Civil War, the Reconstruction period in New York, and life in France during the late 19th Century.

    The Starbuck Chronicles (Bernard Cornwell)
    - Book 1 : Rebel
    The American Civil War. Covers The Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run.
    - Book 2 : Copperhead
    The American Civil War. Covers The Battle of Ball’s Bluff and The Battle of Seven Pines.
    - Book 3 : Battle Flag
    The American Civil War. Covers The Battle of Cedar Mountain and The Battle of Second Manassas/Bull Run.
    - Book 4 : The Bloody Ground
    The American Civil War. Covers The Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg.

    Streets Of Laredo (Larry McMurtry)
    American history, the west.

    The Succession (George Garrett)
    17th-Century England.

    The Sunne in Splendour (Sharon Kay Penman)

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    The Thorn Birds (Colleen McCullough)

    Three Hands In The Fountain (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

    The Three Muskateers (Alexander Dumas)
    A classic.

    Time To Depart (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

    Trinity (Leon Uris)
    Traces the roots the Irish Republican Brotherhood to a Croppy Bogside village of Ballyotogue at the turn of the century/pre WWI. Chock full of Irish tradition, songs and poetry, as well as the sad figures of Irish Independence (both historical and otherwise).

    Two Ravens (Cecelia Holland)

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    Unbridled (Delores Fossen)
    Late 19th-Century Texas.

    The Unconquered (Ben Ames Williams)
    Sequel to House Divided, continuing the story of the Currain family through the Reconstruction period after America’s Civil War.

    Unicorn’s Blood (Patricia Finney)
    Early 17th-Century England.

    Until The Sun Falls (Cecelia Holland)
    13th-Century Mongols.

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    Venus In Copper (Lindsey Davis)
    Historical mystery, set in Imperial Rome.

    The Venus Throw (Steven Saylor)
    Historical mystery, set in Republican Rome.

    Vision Of Light (Judith Merkle Riley)
    14th-Century England.

    The Vow (Juliana Garnett)
    Covers the 11th-Century Norman/Saxon conflict.

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    The Warlord Series (Bernard Cornwell)
    - Book 1 : The Winter King
    King Arthur and 5th-Century England.
    - Book 2 : The Enemy Of God
    King Arthur and 5th-Century England.
    - Book 3 : Excaliber
    King Arthur and 5th-Century England.

    The Waterworks (E. L. Doctorow)
    19th-Century New York.

    Watery Grave (Bruce Alexander)
    Historical mystery set in 18th-Century England.

    We Speak No Treason (Rosemary Hawley Jarman)
    Stunningly detailed in both plot & character dealing with the end of the Plantagenet period—specifically with Richard III ( and brother Edward IV). Told by three characters in his life to show different aspects/angles of the same story. Beautifully written.

    The Wheel of Fortune (Susan Howatch)
    Turn of the 20th-Century England.

    When Christ And His Saints Slept (Sharon Kay Penman)

    When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (Judith Kerr)
    A children’s novel. Fictionalized autobiography, a Jewish family’s experiences after leaving Germany in 1933, from the POV of ten-year-old Anna.

    When The Music Changed (Mary Reno)
    Covers life in New York City and Washington City during the Civil War.

    The White Horses (C. A. Bauer)
    A breath-taking and historically accurate story about a young Irish immigrant who must lead her family across the unforgiving landscape of the 1850’s Oregon California trail. The mystical elements of the protagonist’s connection with horses and the underlying parallel to celtic myth make this an intriguing and fast-paced read.

    Wild Swan (Celeste de Blasis)
    19th-Century America.

    Wilderness Of Spring (Edgar Pangborn)
    A little-known masterpiece by a sensitive American genius.

    Wintercombe (Pamela Belle)

    Winthrop Women (Anya Seton)
    United States during Puritan era. The main character is the niece of Governor Winthrop.

    Wolf Winter (P. F. White)
    Western. Oregon, in the 1870s.

    World’s Fair (E. L. Doctorow)
    19th-Century America.

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