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How to Tell if You're Obsessed with CATS

This page is a list of things used to tell if you're obsessed with CATS. This is not meant to be serious. It is supposed to be funny and not meant to offend anyone. If you have any to send me, please go right ahead.

You know you're obsessed with CATS if...

  1. ...You have not seen the light of day since you got the CATS video because you've been too busy watching it.
  2. ...Every morning, you get up, put on your unitard, attatch your tail, comb out your yak hair ears, pull on your leg warmers, and put on your make up, consisting of a base, stripes, and painted whiskers.
  3. ...You stop people on the street and name off every character in the CATS musical, even though no one really cares.
  4. ...You can name off every piece of trash on the set without hesitation.
  5. ...You make it a point every day to point out something about every single Jellicle to one of your parents.
  6. ...You've never been in CATS, but you've watched it so many times you can dance every step for every single character.
  7. ...You have your name officially changed to a Jellicle name. (by Andrew)
  8. ...You always watch cats on New Year's Eve because that is when you think the Jellical ball is.(I do that too!) (by Rum Tum Tuggerella)
  9. You find a way to answer every question someone asks with a line from one of the songs. (by Dancekbg)
  10. You spend all night at camp with your best friend singing the whole (yes, I've actually done this!) (by Dancekbg)
  11. Every time you go to school you take the Cats video and ask the teacher if you could watch it. (by Andrew)
  12. You know you are beyond obsessed when you wardrobe consists of cats costumes. (Of both genders) (by Bombalurtina)
  13. You know your beyond obsessed when you put you hair in cone shaped buns, and when someone compliments your hair you shout back, "THEY ARE EARS!!!!!" (by Bombalurtina)
  14. You know your beyond obsessed when you hiss at Rosmarie Ford, when you see her, because you think she is getting to close to Rum Tum Tugger. (by Bombalurtina)
  15. You know you are beyond obsessed when you sing shamlessly CATS songs to your girlfriend, thinking you are wooing her. (by Bombalurtina)
  16. You know you are beyond obsessed when you pur after you kiss your boyfriend. (by Bombalurtina)
  17. You know you are beyond obsessed when you try to groom your friend to show efection.(by Bombalurtina)
  18. You have memorized every word to the songs and spend all the time singing them to EVERYONE you meet! (by Aussiegirl)
  19. You can't possibly imagine anything more irritating than looking up a website that says its about Etcetera and finding a picture of Victoria on it. ETCETERA IS A PALE TABBY NOT A WHITE!!!!!! AARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! (by Lickipaw)
  20. You've memorized all the cats' names and the actor who portrayed them in the order they appear at the end of the video. (by me, Clepsida)

    If you think of any others, e-mail