Poems of Violence

{total poems: 8}

My hate for you
is overwhelming
everything you do
turns me farther away
your my father thats all you are
you will never be my daddy
not by far
you are the one person i that i thought hung the moon
but now i know the truth
and now all you are to me
is a very bad memory
So keep in mind that...
in the words of "STAIND"
you WILL feel my anger
you WILL feel my pain!
Danielle Langford

Bashing my head against the mirror,
As the dull, aching pain seeps from my skull.
Harder and harder,
Submitting myself to the untamed rage.
My eyes snap shut,
As I feel the warm thickness trickling down my forehead, past my swollen eyes.
Shaking and drenched,
And I sink to the floor,
Sobbing and dizzy, my battered face buried in my trembling hands.
What have i done?
I force my blood soaked fingers away from my eyes,
And stare into the mirror.
All i see is red, shattered glass...
-Sorrow Nightshade

The feeling of hatred inside.
The rage I show outside.
The anger, the blood, the pain it feels so goddamn good and real.
You made me this way.
I have no conscious or feelings of regret.
The sharp blade of the knife,
the sounds of your screams is music to my ears.
Your blood from the blade is all the satisfaction I need.
You made me this way.
It was all worth it.
I have no regrets.
I am satisfied.
Madison 2000'

I want you to bleed for what you have done to me.
I hate you, I despise everything about you.
I want you to die.
I will not shed a tear or feel any sorrow.
When i get my wish and your are dead,
I will come and spit on your god-damn grave!

Killing Machine
The Pistons of Death
Combustion of Gasses
Weak to the Bone
Fall Down on Their Asses

Repetition Kills
Guns do the Same
Mass Consumption of Pills
Have you Forgotten my Name?

Murder of Persons
Stuck in a Bind
A Need to Escape
My Sick Daily Grind

Repetition Kills
So does Water now and then
Hear the Same Old Story
See the Same Old Men

Wanderer Unleashed
Bound by Earthly Matter
Combination Deadly
See Your Meek Bones Shatter

Repetition Kills
As does All thats in Excess
Relentless Pendelum Swings Back and Forth
Torn by Brutal Stress

Repetition of the Masses
Slow and Torturous Progression
Population Damned to Hell
This is your Last Confession

Divine Intervention
Hatred and Love Sculpted into One
The Demons within Me
The Trecherous Sun
My arms Feel Week
Cannot Escape these Bars
Improsoning Me
Putting Salt in these Scars

Love me Tender
Love me Sweet
Get Away from Me
You Pathetic Sack of Meat

Here Stands a Stone Wall
That was Built through Hesitation
Negates the Potential to Love
Behold my Demonic Creation
The Wall it Protects Me
From all who would Sin
Yet it often Rejects Me
There is no Way to Win

Love me Now
Love me Later
Against your own Will
To my Needs you shall Cater

If the Best of Intentions
Should Wander Astray
Demonic Posession
Infernal Delay
And when these Intentions
Do Wander Astray
Divine Intervention
Eternal Decay

I Hate You
i hate you but no words can describe,
must beat, must kill this friend of mine.
i must achieve sadistic bliss,
yours is the name upon my list.
must end, must end in homicide,
must drive, must drive to suicide.
eternal pain we both will share,
but pain in you is all i care.
-Sorrow Nightshade

this burning rage,
throbbing underneath my skin,
heaving and pulsing, trying to suppress.
but bursting like a ripe sore,
brilliant red trickling down the dull purity,
breaking the flesh and tearing into pain.
brusied limbs whipping in stuttered convulsions,
as silent screams drip down battered jaws.
slowly killing the demons,
as everything in me dies.
-Sorrow Nightshade