Poems of Desire

{total poems: 10}

tasting your lips
in my mind ive gone to far but not far enough in an effort to keep yet drop this mystique as the moon ascends onto my back i find the sun is lighter but not brighter with the face of christ burning on the wall i lay down as vertigo sets in from the deja vu of yesterdays todays and tomorrows as the beat flows around my body i feel the time machines of your thoughts enter my angelic drink drink drinking in the plans of mice and men now and then empire of entrails mounded on my floor in their small metal case walking down the road the screams of people are all i hear hear heraing your words reverberating in my head maybe ill give you a call while you think you can walk tall ive never seen the pyramids of egypt or the red roses of your heart bathed in seduction and translucent darkness animals have not the touch of sin on their lips but i was dentined for its touch touch touching your hair feel it flow between my fingers knowing that you are there set your burden down at my feet and let me care for your wounds as i have cared for no other i brought an apple for you to taste taste tasting your lips
by christopher

This dark caress
Why do you drown me in this pool of solitude
past dramas are not what you should conceive I find it hard to reach out to you why this wall
Do you hold it all against those who you once gave your heart to
and blame the ones that only listen to your eyes
This dark caress is not a part of my life
This dark caress is not the look in my eyes
its killing me inside
this dark caress
And so now you walk away and dream no more of you and I
how can you anyways you don't even know me you never tried all you gave me was your dark caress
in the dark we hold on to our past in the dark we crawl closer to the
light and hope its not yet our time
in this dark caress we can not be
how can you be real when the dream is not even alive in your heart how
can you exist in this dark caress

the silence thats around me
the anger thats with in
the way you make me feel
i just want to rid myself off your existance
but i dont hate you
i hate who youve become
i know i used to love you, but that was before
before you became the person you are now
and i know you will never be the same again
so why do i lie to myself
why dont i just go on with my life
why do i have to want you back
well just wait till you really piss me off
then you will see
just how much hatred i have bottled up inside me
and when i snap you had better learn to pray
because ill kill you i swear
for the pain you caused me

+ Beauty for Ashes +
Come steal the night from these shades of gray.
Come and embrace me with your touch and tell
me how it will never end.
Look beyond my mortality and let me live again.
Let me drown forever in your rivers of
misplaced love.
Let me give you beauty for ashes and let me
live through you.
-A Vega

i watch as the moonlight
sends a chill down your spine
as we are encircled in darkness
may our souls of black combine
a violent embrace
a ghoulish caress
while i gaze into your eyes
i see your heart is burning
and then at this moment...
i....realize i burn for you as well
i crave the same feelings
and i cry the same song
i've yearned for a spirit much like yours
to calm my passions...to heal my wounds
i'll inhale your sweet scents of purity and ecstasy
to only exhale my thoughts
which were once my fears
i want you now more than ever
to hold a frail heart
to kiss away my death
to breathe into and again...
become lost in our body's of two
but our souls as one
it's the way i thought it to be
it's the depthness of my dreams
my way of righteousness
my reason for living......
-Dead xx soul

Nocturnal Lust Part 2
draped in her silken darkness,
i am drunk on her surreal beauty.
her somber creations, like aphrodisiacs, intice my mind,
as i surrender to her spell.
cradled in her soft weeping starlight,
i melt, as i am becoming something unreal in her,
and like a dream, i am swept away.
-Sorrow Nightshade

Dreamsicle NighT WavE
Sleeting across the SteelE Sky
on the depth of a Dying Dream
Burnt Snow leaks like Crying Autumn leaves
Bathed in DeatH under a Blackened Rose
I see myself standing in the Shadows of his abyss
~DreamSicle NighT WavE~
Dead bodies hang over the fences of my Abandoned Heart
the Devoid of our Love is savoring under a Sadistic Sky
Blood faintly lightening by the clothing of the Dark
Gift of Darkness on the Face of Tomorrow she waits.
Dying for his insatiable Lust
The Shadows of the Stars shift in the Face of Christ
the RainFilled Night Sky dances around my Heart and i look up at the descending Sky and I see myself.
Breaking with his Dreams of his Silent Voice
I wait locked in the sunset to see his voice drift along the Eternal Sea
I watch the granite flow through the Sand of her Dark presence
Darkened Silence is waited on in the Sardonic Sky
I am waiting for your presence to Unlock me near
Your Sullen Voice has calmed the Silence of the Night
Break of the unknown, she sheds her retraced Scars,
away from him i will wait.
She has escaped her Solitude through the Crosses that Bleed from her veins.
Bestirred by her Serpentine Heart
Alone, in the nightFall of this Despondent Amorousness.
I am sitting with my SpiriT under a copper sunset
In my Lost Land where No One else lives,
No One breathes of Life
I sit awakened by the Sound of the Spoiled Sea. I see her.
She has Awoken from her Nocturnal Death...
She places her Brass toe on the Edge of my Pain
on the Edge of leaving all Despairing Hope behind
Her Spirit enters my Bleeding Heart when i return to that place,
where the Sun Sets on divided Dreams,
When i Stare at Pallid Stars that Bleed down on us in the Night,
When i walk in Darkness,
Cloaked by Death's only Love.
i can feel her.
-Cj McCarthy

Nocturnal Lust

cradled in the arms of night,
which is her one and only love,
surrendering to the moonlit skies,
yearning for the stars above.
lost inside it's eerie grace,
while blanketed in silken lust,
screaming out unquenched desire,
licking up it's angel dust.
and this seductive fiend takes hold,
crushing all her fragile bones,
her eyes roll back into her head,
regreating what she has become...
-Sorrow Nightshade

iwas so numb and i've all but forgotten what that is like...
...i flew over the ocean,
the salty air and wisps of water gliding over me,
then i waved to the two ghosts that were calling me.
only to see Janis on the moon...
...i went so very far
so fucking far away
then i came back
even further away
in this place
i want to escape
when i do
thiers nothing left to break
any one care
i am
poison red
tainted blood
who could of known
i would of lived
did i see you you
out there in the great beond
agenst the black of night
i would not of seen
less you where one of the stars
guiding my path
i saw the reaper
sitting in the chair
looking in the face
i said, i don't care
took apart this thing
i can never feel
somekind of ghost
something i will reviel
was never real
just rags ang reapers
old and rusted
torn and broken
he was never thier
i let you fall apart
i'l make it go away
the world went to shit
i'll eat it
love it
the only thing left
to love
swirling down
we'll fuck it up
i'll love it
the only thing left
to love
could be under my form
your makeup running into a pool of cum on the floor
we fuck floating in the air
i say
"this is what it feels like"
for i know you've never felt like this before
the way you shake
and go blind
trying to wisper
"can you feel it, i'm cuming" as your back arches and we fall
then together we swim in the pool trying to
fuck some more
scrapping at whats left
let reality go
dig deeper into the skin on my back
keep holding on


something in her eyes so mild,
sadness maybe with a smile.
sun glares her shoulder's fare,
blooming in those sunny hair.
thinking even she speaks,
how beautiful be her dreams.
carrying a scent of hundred flower's,
she has seductive wild powers.
walking like the wind before rain,
making every heart insane.
only secrets you see in her eyes,
deep like a hundred skies.
closed is her heart, hard to knock,
love no more this world of shock.
she maybe in my every dream, alone i'll be thinkin about her,
deeper i go in those thought's stranger.
-Paul Riat