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Natalie News

The story at New York Post also talks more about a rumor of Natalie's career. Rumors are going around Natalie's college that Natalie was complaining to friends that after "Anywhere But Here" flopped, her advisors were concerned that she's too flat-chested to play romantic leads. "Her response was that she would never get breast implants because she's not even sure she's going to continue acting after her contract with ‘Star Wars' is up," the source told the NYP. The source also added that Natalie told them that all of this has really soured her on Hollywood. A WARNING! All this is been reported on New York Post's PAGE SIX, a rumor and gossip page. You can read the story by going here Heads up Natalie don't listen to those that say bad things. If Natalie (or those dumb Hollywood Studio people) ever reads this page we are sure your fans don't care at all about looks, "that boob thing" or what others have to say. We like you for your talent not your looks.

I Hate The Media I really don't care what they say they always quick to start some bullshit.

All my Information is From America's Queen

Natalie Gets Caught with a Fake ID Natalie and ten of her fellow college friends attempted to enter The Roxy with a fake ID. The club's spokesman said that Portman pulled a Queen Amidala when a police officer checked her ID and believed it was a fake. "She told them she was friends with the DJ and caused a big commotion." The spokesman for The Roxy said. All this prompted the artist Moby to rush over. He was the one that invited Natalie. Moby said if she didn't get in he would NOT perform. The Roxy agreed to let Natalie in but told the police to keep a close eye on Natalie. The Spokesman for the Roxy reported that Natalie just stood in the back of the club, watched the show and didn't have anything to drink. America's Queen
Her Movie Is almost in Theatres it will be released in November 11, 1999
Natalie Portman, who plays a teen about to leave home for college in the big-screen pic Anywhere But Here, is getting a real-life lesson in how hard it can be without mom around. Portman, who's currently taking time off from her hot acting career (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) to go to college, tells TV Guide Online that she recently became a wreck when she stepped in a big pile of dog poop on campus. "It got all over my shoes and really freaked me out," she says. "So I got back to the dorm and just left my shoes on the front steps. I didn't care if they got stolen." But the story doesn't end there: "I came back and my roommate had seen the shoes sitting there and put them in my room. I'm like, 'Oh no, what am I going to do?' So I called my mom. She said, 'If you've got dog poop on your shoes, just wipe it off.' I couldn't do it. So I went home for the weekend and took the shoes, still covered with dog poop wrapped in about twenty paper bags. I'm sure you can guess who cleaned off the dog poop." Portman says her mom is a big help even when she's not there to help her famous daughter: "I definitely hear her telling me to stop procrastinating. And also just simple things, like when I do my laundry, I remember her saying, 'Put in a sheet of fabric softener into the dryer to keep my clothes soft.'" — Jeanne Wolf From TVGuide TV Guide