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We are the MWHB-Located in Algonquin, Illinois, we try our best to put on damn good wrestling shows. We combine hardcore and technical wrestling to put on great wrestling matches. We understand what it takes to deliver action packed events, with funny and entertaining storylines. Redefining Smack, One Day at a Time.

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News: After our first card in almost two years, it was a huge success with such a small roster... Even though our roster has decreased, we have only left our elite wrestlers to fight it out for the HeavyWeight Championship... In other news, Sonny Ono has decided to give up his Lightweight belt due to lack of competition... The commisioner has decided to reinstate the TV title, and give it to Sonny Ono for holding his Lightweight belt for so long...Barrington made a great debut with his first ever MWHB victory, he will enter the training process in hopes to improve his skill to contend in the HeavyWeight division. This weekends card hold some great match ups...The return of Elephant Man...At our next PPV, The Gauntlet will feature Prof Palp against The Outlaw IN A LADDER MATCH...Sonny Ono will defend his newly won belt against yet another mystery opponent to be determined in the next few cards...The Big Got's absence has been a mystery, and the Commisioner does not know what he will do yet, stay tuned for more news later this week...

Other News:

5-27-03-12:46 PM-As promised the MWHB made its triumphant return to the bare ground. Commisioner HPN made his commisioner debut and announced a tournament to face the MWHB Heavyweight Champion Outlaw. The winner of the tourny will face the Outlaw at our next PPV, The Gauntlet. Here are the results from this past Monday.

MWHB Reunion Special
Live from the Backyard from Hell
May 26, 2003

MWHB #1 Contenders Tournament

Final Spot Tournament Entrance Match
Winner: Barrington via High Society

1st Round
Sonny Ono
Winner: LSD via Thug Splash

1st Round
Professor Palpitator
Winner: Prof Palp via Swinging Prof Palp Slam

Final Round
Professor Palpitator
Winner: Prof Palp via Chrirocracker

After his victory Prof Palp will finally get his long awaited title shot against The Outlaw at the Gauntlet. Rumors going around for this PPV will be that there will be a Gauntlet match that will decide who will be next to face the Champ after The Gauntlet.

5-24-03-3:45 PM-It has been well over a solid year but after entire year of college the MWHB is back for the summer! There is a new commish in town and thats former MWHB Superstar High Performance Null. With the absense of Big Got, the MWHB has turned to one of its loyal stars for help. All us stars are awaiting the situation with the heavyweight title. The rumors going around are a possible Battle Royal or even some sort of tournament. As some people might remember the last superstar to hold the title was The Outlaw after defeating yours truly in the famous Gauntlet Match. What HPN's decision will be decided tomorrow in our reunion show tomorrow. Stay Tuned for the results of tomorrows spectacular with the debut and return of former MWHB Superstars!!!!

The Gimp Drop, performed by the first person to ever be inducted into the MWHB Hall of Fame, Injury Prone.

God Bless America

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