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We Are...
The Mighty Pranksters

From their inception at late night jams on Grizís farm to their
bring-down-the-rafters performances at nightclubs throughout the
Midwest, the Mighty Pranksters are committed to exploring the bounds
of musical creativity. Drawing on influences ranging from '60s
psychedelia to southern blues, country, and '70s funk, the Pranksters
capture that elusive spark that ignites when seasoned veterans
sustain a long term collaboration.

Combining well-crafted original material with obscure covers
and a few heart warming favorites, the Pranksters play long,
dynamic shows featuring sizzling, southern-fried guitars,
low-down harp solos, powerful vocals, and mounds of rhythm and
emotion. This is an experienced band that has clearly been
playing a long time, not a short term "project band" or a bunch
of green kids out for a little Saturday night fun. The Mighty
Pranksters have been playing high flyiní jam music since 1990 and
they do it really well. To catch them in action is a musical treat for

both the ears and the feet.

The Mighty Pranksters called it quits in March 2000.

However, they have played several gigs since then.


Who knows where the future leads...


Stay tuned...