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Welcome to the ManningMadnessTM fan fic page! Here you can read stories written by fellow Roger Howarth fans. The stories can be about anything Roger/Todd related. If you have a story you want to post, e-mail me.

This site is for fun only, and no one's writing will be criticized in anyway. None of us are professional writers. This is just an outlet for Roger fans to get out their fantasies and write the charactor Todd as they would have liked him to be. There may be some explicit stories as well as "g" rated ones.

it's private

The Stories....

Dance Series By Em rated NC-17
The Todd Chronicles--Round Robin
Payback By Vtw-rated NC 17
Heaven and Hell By Jo-rated R
ECSTASY by Vtw Rated NC 17
One Summer By:Jo Rated NC-17
Love and Anger: The Todd Version By DimWitt
Vampire By VTW
Head Games By Em
Love and Anger: TnT version By DimWit
Healing By Kari L.
Fire and Ice....By VTW (NEW)